Employee Engagement Pulse Survey Results

KentuckyOne Health Remaining Operations

Results are in from November’s employee engagement pulse survey—and it's positive news. Across the enterprise, scores went up on all six engagement questions. “In our market we continue to see improvement as it relates to our overall employee engagement which ultimately equates to higher quality patient care,” says John Petrov, chief human resources officer for KentuckyOne Health’s remaining operations.

Your feedback in the annual employee engagement survey in May led to changes throughout our organization. To measure the progress, this November we answered the brief survey with six questions repeated from the spring survey.

More than 26,300 CHI employees completed the pulse survey last month, 43 percent of all those eligible. The overall engagement score of 4.06 (5 is the highest) was up 10 percent since May.

Leaders will share our division- and facility-level results in the coming weeks.

Thank you to all who completed the pulse survey. Your feedback will continue to help us be our best for each other and those we serve.

Review the Results Summary.