Be Here Now

Being here now means freeing our minds, being fully present with people and activities and staying focused in the moment. We respect those we serve and those who serve (Reverence) when we are fully present, whether that be at work or at home.  

The secret to spending more time in the state of Be Here Now is to first understand your typical distractions and recognize that they get in the way of bringing wellness, healing and hope to all. Second, recognize that as human beings, we will go in and out of Being Here Now. A simple way to Be Here Now more consistently is to practice a deep inhale-then-exhale whenever we recognize we’re distracted, before answering the phone or entering a patient room or an office, while logging on to the computer, and other key moments throughout our day.

No one can be there 100 percent of the time. However, increasing your time there by even a small amount can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life, as well as the safety and quality of your serving others.

We are constantly faced with distractions, but by making a decision to Be Here Now – we can treat our patients, our families and our colleagues with Reverence, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence.