Blue Chip

Getting the most from life requires the same from each of us: to take the time to achieve a clear understanding of what is most important to us based on our deeply held values. We refer to these goals that are most important as Blue Chips (for CHI and KentuckyOne Health – Living Our Mission Measures).

A commitment to Quality, Safety and Service is a Blue Chip for KentuckyOne Health. For example, when I live our core value of Excellence by ensuring my documentation is legible and accurate, I’m demonstrating that safety is a Blue Chip.

A Blue Chip mindset applies to our personal lives as much as it does to work. It may be easier for us to develop a habit of prioritizing at work, but we should be equally thoughtful of identifying our personal Blue Chips and allocating time to them. What might be some of your personal Blue Chips?

  • Spending quality time with loved ones or friends
  • Exercise, fitness or health
  • Deepening spiritual understanding
  • Contributing to a cause you believe in or to your community
  • Refreshing and renewing yourself with a weekend away or a vacation
  • Expanding your knowledge or capability through reading or study