Creating an environment where people explore other’s perspectives and new ways of doing things from a Curious mindset rather than close-minded is key to thriving in today’s rapidly changing health care environment.  

One way to create such an environment is to become more aware that your mindset impacts your behaviors. Remember the moods we experience on the Mood Elevator tell us about the quality of our mindset.

Fear, insecurity, frustration, impatience, defensiveness and judgment are the feelings we have when we are experiencing lower-quality thinking (mindset). When we have these feelings, we have a natural tendency to be judgmental. However, when we are feeling curious, resourceful, creative and hopeful we are experiencing higher-quality thinking (mindset) and have a more positive impact.  

Our core value of Integritydoing the right things in the right way for the right reason – invites us to be Curious. Being Curious about my current mindset, as cued by the Mood Elevator, enhances my self-awareness which, in turn, helps me have greater integrity in decision-making and action.   

The amount of perspective we have and our mindset of curiosity will come from our awareness of how we feel. This will determine how effective we respond to and positively accept change.