Our Brand Platform

The KentuckyOne Health brand represents our unified role in improving the health of individual patients and entire communities across Kentucky and beyond. By uniting as one, we can provide medical care to thousands of Kentuckians by utilizing the latest medical research, combining resources and using them more efficiently and sharing ideas for excellent patient care. The brand is a promise and we all have a role in delivering on the KentuckyOne Health promise every day through our words and actions.

Our Name

The KentuckyOne Health name expresses our vision to create a healthier Kentucky by coming together as one. It reflects our profound pride being Kentuckians.

When using our name, please keep the following guidelines in mind:
  • KentuckyOne is one word, with a capital “O.” Health is a separate word.
  • In writing, be sure to use the complete name on first reference. KentuckyOne is appropriate on subsequent references.
  • When speaking, you may use KentuckyOne Health or just KentuckyOne for short.
  • KYOne is the only acceptable written abbreviation for KentuckyOne Health. KYOne may be used only internally; never with the public. Do not use “K-Y-One” when speaking. It is no longer correct to refer to Kentucky Newco, which was the interim name of the entity. Also, do not use the term Kentucky Statewide Network or the acronyms KSN or KOH.

Our Logo

The KentuckyOne Health logo symbolizes the highest quality, advanced care that is now available to all Kentuckians. The intersecting triangles form a letter K, reinforcing our focus on improving the health status of Kentuckians and the integration of our services and expertise. The angled lines show a sense of optimism and our dynamic vision. The color and shape of the design express technological advancement and innovation. The sophisticated hues, orange and purple, are distinctive in health care and together convey a sense of richness, depth, strength and energy.

Our logo is the single strongest visual element used to promote the KentuckyOne Health brand. Therefore, it must be applied consistently and correctly in every use to effectively communicate to our audiences — strengthen brand recognition and build brand identity awareness.

The KentuckyOne Health and key entity logos have been carefully crafted in a unique arrangement that should never be recreated or redrawn for any reason. Always use the approved logo artwork available in the download section.

Please refer to the logo section under Design Elements for specifications and guidelines related to the use of the logo.