Key Entities

Because of their existing name equity and/or prominence as key facilities within our system, the facilities identified below have distinct logos that lock up their names with the KentuckyOne Health mark. No other KentuckyOne Health facilities have distinct logos.

In certain applications such as signage, the facility name may not appear directly locked up in this manner due to size/layout restrictions.


Continuing Care Hospital Flaget Memorial Hospital
Frazier Rehab Institute
James Graham Brown Cancer Center
Jewish Hospital
Jewish Hospital Shelbyville
Medical Center Jewish East
Medical Center Jewish Northeast
Medical Center Jewish South
Medical Center Jewish Southwest
Our Lady of Peace
Saint Joseph Berea
Saint Joseph East
Saint Joseph Hospital
Saint Joseph Jessamine RJ Corman
Ambulatory Care Center
Saint Joseph London
Saint Joseph Martin
Saint Joseph Mount Sterling
Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital
University of Louisville Hospital
Women's Hospital Saint Joseph East
Our key entity logos have been created using the same approved monogram symbol and logotype as that used in the KentuckyOne Health masterbrand. The approved key entity signature is a unique arrangement of the key entity name and masterbrand name. The facility logo must be applied in accordance with the brand identity guidelines to ensure the consistency and visibility of each logo is achieved with every application.

Each entity is available in a preferred and a horizontal format. Please visit the download section to access the approved artwork files.