Naming Conventions

Naming Conventions are guidelines for how our services, facilities and offerings are named going forward. These conventions have been crafted to bring clarity and consistency to how our offerings are named so that we make it easy for people to understand and navigate what we offer. While there can be legal, political and emotional issues to consider in naming a new program, service or facility, this objective framework will help us better leverage our brand assets and simplify the organization for patients, physicians, staff, partners and other important audiences.


Continuing Care Hospital Flaget Memorial Hospital
Frazier Rehab Institute
James Graham Brown Cancer Center
Jewish Hospital
Jewish Hospital Shelbyville
Medical Center Jewish East
Medical Center Jewish Northeast
Medical Center Jewish South
Medical Center Jewish Southwest
Our Lady of Peace
Saint Joseph Berea
Saint Joseph East
Saint Joseph Hospital
Saint Joseph Jessamine RJ Corman
Ambulatory Care Center
Saint Joseph London
Saint Joseph Martin
Saint Joseph Mount Sterling
Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital
University of Louisville Hospital
Women's Hospital Saint Joseph East

Key Strategic Service Lines:

Cancer Care
Heart and Vascular Care
Neurology Care
Orthopedic Care
Sports Medicine
Women's Care

Decision Tree for Determining Names:

Bone and Joint Care
Breast Care
Diabetes Care
Digestive Care
Home Care
Hospice Care
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Other Services - No Descriptor:

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Corporate Health
Behavioral Health
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Other Services - Centers:

Hand Care Center
Healthy Lifestyle Center
Senior Renewal Center
Wound Care Center
Transfer Center

KentuckyOne Primary Care:

Primary Care
Emergency Care
Express Care
Urgent Care
Anywhere Care
Workplace Care

KentuckyOne Medical Group:

Anesthesiology Associates
Cardiology Associates
Cardiothoracic Surgery Associates
Colorectal Surgery Associates
Endocrinology Associates
Gastroenterology Associates

Decision Tree for Determining Names