Service Lines

Key Strategic Service Lines

Service lines that have been identified as strategic priorities in the KentuckyOne Health Strategic Plan are highlighted through remote treatment of the service line name typeset in Trade Gothic. This approach elevates their prominence in accordance with their strategic importance to the organization, without diluting the master brand.

The service lines currently in this category are:
  • Cancer Care
  • Heart and Vascular Care
  • Neurology Care
  • Orthopedic Care
  • Sports Medicine
  • Women’s Care
Note: Primary Care is also a strategic priority service line but is handled differently; see Primary Care Family guidelines.

Other Service Lines, Programs and Offerings

The names of all other service lines, programs and offerings are treated in headlines and copy as appropriate for the application. This approach allows the power and visibility of the master brand, KentuckyOne Health, to drive awareness and equity in these offerings which otherwise would not have the budgets required to stand on their own as individual brands. As each individual offering succeeds, equity is shared across the system – “floating all ships” as we move forward as a unified organization.