Our tagline, “the one name in healthcare” goes hand in hand with our “one” campaign and should be consistently used with it. The tagline is locked up with the KentuckyOne Health logo and should never be scaled separately. The preferred tagline format highlights the word "one" in orange and should be used whenever possible. When a lack of contrast prevents clear readability of the word “one”, an alternative all-purple tagline is available for use.

Clear Space

To ensure that the logo does not feel crowded or pinched inside the Tab or Corner graphic, a minimum clear space must always surround the logo and tagline. The recommended clear space is based on the height of the "“K” in “KentuckyOne”.


To ensure that the Tab and Corner graphics intrude as little as possible on the photography used in our advertising materials, a transparency treatment may be applied. This allows the image to continue behind the Tab or Corner graphic, allowing the logo staging to feel more integrated with the photograph. The percentage of the transparency used should be based on the darkness of selected photograph. If the image is dark, it may require a percentage of 85% or higher to ensure adequate readability of both the logo and the word “one” in the tagline. Never use a transparency setting any lower than 55% to ensure that there is sufficient contrast between the logo tagline lockup, and the image behind.

The examples below illustrate sufficient versus insufficient contrast, and how the word “one” may become illegible. To ensure clear readability, increase the opacity of the graphic or use the all-purple tagline.