To create a more understated appearance, the Graphic Angles can take on a transparent treatment. When this less obtrusive look is applied, avoid using color transparencies less than 55% as the angles may become too light to be visible. When placing copy on top of a transparent color always be sure that there is enough contrast to provide clear readability. Avoid using a multiply effect, color filters, or other special effects to simulate a transparency.

Patterns and Gradients

Use of patterns and gradients will add visual interest and depth to the layout design. The pattern/texture treatments used should be simple in form and based on established design elements in the KentuckyOne Health design system. Shown here are two examples of acceptable patterns, one uses the names of the facilities within the KentuckyOne Health system, the other is a linear pattern based on Graphic Angle 4. Gradients can add depth and dimension when used correctly. When applying any gradients, blend colors evenly using colors that are close in value range and within the same hue. Avoid using more than two colors in a gradient application.