Interior Angle Use

To ensure a fresh and non-repetitive treatment in a multi-paged communication, the use of the Graphic Angles on interior pages can be handled different from those appearing on the cover. When the angles are used on the interior pages they can appear as subtle hints of the cover layout design or integrated into the layout to stage or highlight information. Any of the four angles may be used on the interior pages. They should be used to organize information, highlight stories, or frame imagery, etc.

Establish a square or rectangular format to be used for the content area on the interior treatment. Then apply only one of the four Graphic Angles to define one side of the main content area – top or bottom side using the horizontal angles, or one side using the vertical angle. Never apply more than one Graphic Angle to an interior page or treatment. To help simplify the layout, when possible bleed the graphic angle off the edge of the page or layout area.