Photography is a powerful visual element in the KentuckyOne Health identity system. Every photograph used, stock or custom, must be carefully considered to ensure we give an accurate and authentic representation of KentuckyOne Health, its people and facilities.

Three categories of photography have been established, high-touch (health/wellness), high-tech and regional-Kentucky. The high-touch category includes images expressing active lifestyles, personal connections and caring. The high-tech imagery express expertise and scientific leadership, the subjects include doctors and scientists in clinical settings. Some imagery and/or subjects may fit both categories. The regional-Kentucky category includes healthy lifestyle images of people and families in natural environments. This category may also include landscapes highlighting the natural beauty and scenery unique to the state of Kentucky.

Consenting patients and employees may be models and subjects in our photographs. Both should be screened carefully to ensure we recruit individuals that are both willing to be photographed and comfortable in front of the camera. A natural, not stiff or staged appearance will provide the most authentic gestures, emotions and believable image characteristics. To best represent the brand, avoid using cliché stock photography, or overly staged photography, which may diminish authenticity.