Logo Staging Area

A pristine white background provides a clear and impactful staging for our logo. To ensure our logo is visible when used, a clearly defined logo staging area to display the logo is required. It is preferred that this area be spacious to ensure that our logo does not appear pinched or crowded in the designated corner. Consistent use of the proposed white space, as shown in the examples, will establish a recognizable and distinguishing KentuckyOne Health look and feel.

To accommodate a variety of layout requirements, the logo staging area is located at the top or the bottom of an application area. Along with the logo, the staging area may also display a multiple locations listing, if required. Depending on layout needs, the headline may also appear in the staging area.

The preferred logo staging area is scaled to1/4 of the page height. Layout content may dictate that this area be smaller. When the logo staging area is reduced smaller than the preferred treatment, make sure that the logo clear space is not violated.

When the application area for logo staging is either very horizontal or vertical, the staging area may be defined by using one of the Graphic Angles. When doing so, do not to violate the logo clear space.

Please see logo placement for more specific guidelines regarding the logo display on an application.

Content Staging Area

The content staging area is used to display content like headlines, body copy and imagery. This is also the layout area where the KentuckyOne Graphic Angles come to life to distinguish our communications from those of other organizations.