Logo Color Formats

Consistent logo appearance is important in maintaining the strength and recognition of our brand identity. The preferred logo is composed of three-colors. The preferred format will always be the most impactful and recognizable configuration; therefore, it should be used whenever possible.

A white background is always recommended for optimal logo staging and visibility. Pantone 2685 purple is the recommended background color for reverse applications of the logo. Use of the reverse logo should be restricted to situations where a white background or white substrate material may not be available. For logo artwork specifically crafted for reverse use, please contact the Marketing and Communications department.

Always use approved logo artwork to ensure correct color application and contrast is achieved. To access any of the restricted logo formats mentioned above, please contact the Marketing and Communications department. Use only approved logo artwork created for the intended background color on which it will appear. Do not use the three-color logo in a one-color application and do not attempt to alter the one-color logo format to create alternative color treatments.