Logo Use on Color Backgrounds

Staging our logo on a white background enhances the depth and dimensional appearance of the symbol design with pristine clarity. Therefore the logo should be placed on a white background whenever the background color can be controlled or specified.

Only in those instances where the background material or color cannot be controlled should the logo be placed on a background other than white. Careful consideration has to be given to ensure the correct logo color format is chosen when the logo is placed on a colored background. There are 1-color solid logo formats available for these restricted situations.

The preferred logo should only be placed on very light and neutral tones. If the background color requires a dark color, there is a 1-color solid reverse format of the logo available. This reverse logo ensures that there is sufficient contrast between the logo and the background so that all components of the logo are readily visible. Whenever possible the background color should match PANTONE® 2685 purple, or maintain a neutral color such as black or dark gray.

When a background color cannot be specified, and has to be of a color not compatible or part of the KentuckyOne Health color palette, the 1-color solid logo may be used. This logo format is also intended for situations when reproduction limitations require one solid color to be used, for example screen printing on promotional giveaways.

For 1-color solid artwork please contact your Marketing and Communications department directly please call Lexington 859.313.1708, Louisville 502.562.7011.