Typography can be used to create visual consistency and a family appearance among communication materials. Trade Gothic is considered the primary KentuckyOne Health typeface. Its use alone is approved for all design applications for both KentuckyOne Health and all facilities. All weights and styles are approved for use. It is recommended that no more than three type weights and/or sizes be used together in a layout in order to achieve a professional, well-organized typographic appearance. A flush left, ragged right alignment and upper and lower case typesetting style should be used to ensure clear readability and to reinforce a modern and approachable appearance.

Using the approved typeface as directed will bring a focus to the use of typography as a brand identity element. Consistency in font use will help reinforce recognition of our communication materials. Trade Gothic provides optimum readability, as well as a professional and contemporary character that complements the logo and other design system elements. This typeface offers a range of styles and weights to meet most typographic and stylistic needs.

For non-design applications such as word processing programs, PowerPoint, etc., where Trade Gothic may not be available, Arial may be used as a substitute.