August 3, 2015 | Volume 4, Issue 30
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CHI to Begin Tracking Non-Employees in HR/Payroll Connection

Action needed by supervisors of non-employees!

CHI and its markets have begun loading more than 39,000 non-employees in HR/Payroll Connection-Workday who require access to CHI systems or facilities. Within the next few weeks, KentuckyOne leaders of non-employees will begin to manage their non-employees in HR/Payroll Connection-Workday. Leaders should participate in a Live Meeting training session on Aug. 4, 12, 13, 17 or 18.

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‘Years of Experience’ Survey
Open through Aug. 7

Just a few days to go … Please support the KentuckyOne compensation strategy and review work by completing the brief “years of experience” survey. Click here to take the survey by Aug. 7. It's open to all KentuckyOne employees who are manager level and below—including exempt and non-exempt, clinical and non-clinical. Directors and above, and advanced practice clinicians, are not included.

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PCA Results: Holding Steady,
Room to Get Even Better

More than half of our employees took time to complete the Performance Culture Assessment (PCA) back in April. The feedback is a gift, and leaders are committed to taking action to make KentuckyOne an even better workplace. Here are a few high-level findings from the 2015 PCA and next steps ...

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On Your Mark, Get Set, Walk!

The new walking challenge, Step Up Your Spirit, kicks off today, Aug. 3, and runs through Aug. 30. The program challenges participants to walk 50,000 steps per week for four weeks. Participants who complete the challenge will receive $50 toward their health account contribution (if they have not met the $300 max for the year) and are eligible for chances to win cash gift cards. Purchase a discounted Fitbit if you haven't already ...

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James Graham Brown Cancer Center Opens at Medical Center Jewish Northeast

Patients seeking the expertise of the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, jointly operated by KentuckyOne Health and the University of Louisville, can now take advantage of a new location. It is inside KentuckyOne Health’s Medical Center Jewish Northeast ...

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Last Chance to Sign Up!
Volunteer at the Kentucky State Fair!

Help support KentuckyOne at the Kentucky State Fair Aug. 20-30. Numerous clinical and non-clinical volunteers are still needed to staff our large exhibit. Enjoy several volunteer perks! Hurry, the sign-up site closes Aug. 5!

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Food for Thought: Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated in the Summer Heat

From your Registered Dietitians in KentuckyOne Health Food & Nutrition Services

Every organ, cell and tissue in your body depends on water for survival. Proper hydration may also address several health concerns, from dry mouth and bad breath to gallstones and irregularity. Each day you lose water by simply going to the bathroom, sweating and breathing. You can help prevent dehydration by following ...

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