February 28, 2014 | Volume 3, Issue 9

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Ruth Brinkley answers employees’ questions about the impact of the changes and what to expect next in a new video (click here).

Time to Pull Together and Move Forward

The past several days have been a difficult time for everyone across KentuckyOne. Eliminating positions is especially hard. However, these decisions are necessary to help reverse the system’s financial losses and operate more efficiently. 

Over the past two weeks, approximately 500 of our coworkers left the organization as we have eliminated positions. This is an approximate number because some of the affected employees have found other positions within KentuckyOne. Others are exploring opportunities at KentuckyOne and other CHI locations nationwide. 

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Jewish Hospital Shelbyville Team is Ready with Compassion on Call

Jo Higgins at Jewish Hospital Shelbyville loves to tell people a story about a particularly memorable patient facing a tragedy because she says it demonstrates the staffs’ commitment to compassion and reverence. To see and hear more of Jo’s interview as well as other employees from Jewish Hospital Shelbyville, watch three video vignettes captured as part of the Purpose & Values Tour: 

We are Family
From Start to Finish
We Go Above and Beyond 

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Small Culture Moments Will Add Up to Big Change 

Can you make it through a meeting without checking your phone? That’s a challenge from Aundrea Lewis, director of nursing at Our Lady of Peace, who uses her role as culture champion to share a culture-building lesson: “Be here now.” She said, "It means give your whole attention to whatever you’re doing. For example, if you’re in a meeting, participate and engage with others. Don’t check your phone every few minutes.” 

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Jewish Hospital Unveils Hybrid Operating Room 

On Monday, Feb. 24, officials at Jewish Hospital hosted an open house and media tour to unveil the new hybrid operating room on the second floor of the Rudd Heart and Lung Center. Opening soon, the new facility offers significant technological advancements and capabilities that will benefit patient care. 

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Good Catch: Dietary Supervisor Speaks Up for Safety, Prevents Harm 

Robin Johnson, a dietary supervisor at Our Lady of Peace, intervened when she did not see an appropriate meal ordered for a diabetic patient. Her questioning attitude prevented the incorrect food tray from reaching the patient. She used the STAR technique — Stop, Think, Act and Review. Read More  

Use the ARCC Technique 

We are all asked to Speak Up for Safety when we have a concern. Doing so is a measured way to voice safety concerns to help our team prevent a safety event. Using the ARCC technique can help us assert a concern in a non-threatening way to avoid coming on too strong when a simple question would have sufficed. ARCC helps escalate the concern if it’s not addressed. Read More

Local Girl Scouts Learn CPR Through Partnership with KentuckyOne Health 

February is National Heart Month and local Girl Scouts troops are working on earning their Go Red Patch. On Feb. 24, troops from Franklin and Scott counties received CPR training at Saint Joseph in Lexington. KentuckyOne Health and the American Heart Association partnered with the Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council to create the Go Red Girl Scout Patch program.  

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National Dress in Blue Day is March 7 

KentuckyOne Health is celebrating national "Dress in Blue" day on Friday, March 7. Employees are encouraged to wear their best blue to show their support for Colorectal Cancer Awareness. Information tables will be available throughout our facilities and it will be a “Blue of L” day at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center. Show us how you go blue and send your Dress in Blue Day pictures to

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Karri Doneghy Receives Heart of Saint Joseph Award 

Congratulations to Karri Doneghy, ST, for being named a recipient of the Heart of Saint Joseph Award at Saint Joseph East. Karri works as a surgery tech in the operating room. “Karri helps with every discipline in the OR. She helps everyone for the benefit of the patient, always with a smile and without being asked,” a colleague said. 

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Evelyn Watkins Named ROSE Award Winner at Flaget 

Medical Staff Liaison Evelyn Watkins, CPCS, is a recent recipient of the ROSE (Reflection of Service Excellence) Award at Flaget Memorial Hospital in Bardstown. “Evelyn goes above and beyond the call of duty to work with the medical staff.” 

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Headlines from Across KentuckyOne 

Become a Volunteer Reader, Tutor or Mentor for a Local School Student in Jefferson County (Every 1 Reads) 

Earn a Reward, Designate Your Primary Care Physician by March 31 

KentuckyOne Launches Learning Site for Employees 

Scheduling Under Way for Biometrics Screenings; Know Your Numbers and Earn a Reward! 

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Upcoming Events 

Health Benefit Exchange Enrollment Event at SMEH March 1 

Gala For Healing and Hope in Berea March 1 

Knee Injury Prevention and the Athlete March 1 

Biometrics Screenings at ULH March 3-5 

Biometrics Screenings at FMH March 6 

Free Peace for Parents Seminar March 6 

Biometrics Screenings at SJM March 7 

National Dress in Blue Day March 7 

Bottoms Up Bash March 7 

Walk With A Doc at Parklands March 8 

Walk With A Doc at Saint Joseph London March 8 

Annual Leader Training March 10 

Biometrics Screenings at SJH March 10 & 14 

Biometrics Screenings at SJJ March 11 

Biometrics Screenings at SJL March 12 

Peer Interview Training in Lexington March 12 

Biometrics Screenings at SJE March 13 

Walk With A Doc at Iroquois Park March 15 

Leadership Advance with Ruth Brinkley March 18 

Free CME: Developments in Spine Surgery March 20 

Walk With A Doc at Shawnee March 22 

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CHI News Update  

KentuckyOne This Week will include the Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) publication e in each issue. CHI is a sponsor of KentuckyOne and will be sharing news of interest to all employees. 

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