January 24, 2014 | Volume 3, Issue 4

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A Message from KentuckyOne President & CEO Ruth Brinkley




Click here to watch a video Q & A with Ruth Brinkley addressing the changes ahead for KentuckyOne and what to expect.

Becoming KentuckyOne Means Change for All of Us

It’s been just two years since KentuckyOne was formed and 11 months since the partnership with University of Louisville Hospital. Since then, the recession has come to health care. 

In coming together, KentuckyOne knew there would be challenges ahead because the health care industry is changing so much. For example, health care providers used to be paid for the services provided. More often now, the payment system rewards efficiency, providing high quality care and keeping people healthy and out of the hospital. 

Inpatient volumes and revenue have fallen, especially in Kentucky and at KentuckyOne.  

At KentuckyOne today, costs are greater than revenue. To date, the many efforts to reduce expenses, grow services and reverse financial losses have not been enough. KentuckyOne must improve its performance by $218 million by the end of fiscal 2015. 

Senior leaders are developing a plan to quickly reduce this budget gap. The plan will balance access, quality and cost, addressing essential questions: 

  • First, how can we best organize KentuckyOne programs and services? 

  • Second, what configuration of facilities will allow KentuckyOne to provide access to care?

  • Third, what level of staffing will be needed?

  • Fourth, how will we maintain and improve the safety and quality of our services?

Click here to watch a video Q & A with Ruth Brinkley addressing the changes ahead for KentuckyOne and what to expect. Follow the most up-to-date news from Brinkley by reading KentuckyOne This Week and regularly checking 

“We have yet to become the system we need to be to achieve our Purpose,” Brinkley said. “We must shift our focus to managing wellness and the people of Kentucky will enjoy wellness, healing and hope.” 

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The New KentuckyOne Health Brand 

The KentuckyOne Health Board of Directors spent considerable time and discernment on the topic of KentuckyOne Health branding. With the engagement of physician and operational leadership and presentations by the marketing department on the critical nature of strategic branding, a clear plan for KentuckyOne Health’s brand emerged.  

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KentuckyOne Health Transplant Care Clinic Now Open in Lexington 

KentuckyOne Health Transplant Care is bringing the expertise of the Trager Transplant Center at Jewish Hospital in Louisville to central Kentucky through a new specialty clinic in Lexington. Located in Building C at Saint Joseph Office Park, the KentuckyOne Health Transplant Care specialty clinic is a multi-organ, multidisciplinary clinic where specialists will offer transplant evaluations to determine if a patient is a candidate for transplant surgery, as well as pre- and post- transplant care.  

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Good Catch: Transporter Goes Above and Beyond to Protect Patient 

A transporter at Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital, Ellis Solomon, brought a patient to radiology on a full tank of O2 and alerted three techs the patient was on 15 LPM. Ellis returned 30 minutes later and noticed the patient was still in the hallway … Read More 

Learn tips for a safe patient handoff. 

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New Policy Regarding Media Inquires  

To guard against the unauthorized release of information and protect patient privacy, only individuals designated to speak on behalf of KentuckyOne Health should interact with the media, community organizations, government officials and the public. All media inquiries (review the updated policy), beyond one-word patient condition, must go through your local facility’s Public Affairs or Marketing and Communications departments.  

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Benefits Update: Delay in Coverage for Contraceptive Services & Prescriptions 

For KentuckyOne Health employees who are covered under the CHI medical and prescription drug benefit plan for 2014, a delay has occurred disrupting access to contraceptive prescription drug coverage. Prescription drug coverage for KentuckyOne employees is through Express Scripts Incorporated (ESI) and they have confirmed this free contraceptive coverage was effective Jan. 1, 2014, and that any cost incurred by employees or their dependents will be reimbursed in full. 

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YMCA’s Black Achievers Program Nominations Sought 

KentuckyOne Health is a proud sponsor of the Louisville YMCA’s Black Achievers Program. Each year, the award is presented to adults who’ve demonstrated a willingness to serve as role models and who’ve provided assistance to youth in their career and personal development. Nominate an employee for this award by Feb. 3. Please click here for the nomination form and more details. 

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Leadership Commitments in Action: Eric Gilliam Talks about Encouragement 

In health care, change is inevitable, particularly at present, said Eric Gilliam, president of Saint Joseph East and interim president of Saint Joseph Berea. “To be involved as a new model of health care is being developed – it’s exciting to see the growth and the change.” Eric frequently communicates this excitement in his discussions with employees. The third KentuckyOne Health Leadership Commitment is integral to his leadership approach. 

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Schedule Your Biometrics Screening 

Through our free and confidential health screenings, employees can learn their health numbers and risks. These screenings are part of our 2014 Healthy Spirit wellness program, now run by our wellness partner Preventure. Employees and spouses who are covered by the CHI Medical Plan and participate in the CHI Healthy Spirit wellness program will each receive a premium discount of $50 each quarter (biometrics screenings = 25 points towards the required 50 for the first quarter).  

Register for the screenings through the My Healthy Spirit website.  

Check regularly for updates. 

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KentuckyOne Celebrated MLK through Music, Arts and More 

The Martin Luther King Celebration at Jewish Hospital, “Civil Rights and the Arts,” was a very artistic, entertaining and inspirational program filled with theatrical performances, music and a spirited reading from the civil rights era. The University of Louisville’s African-American Theatre Arts Program gave a high-spirited performance on women that had an impact on the civil rights movement. 

Employees from University of Louisville Hospital and the James Graham Brown Cancer Center celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr., Day by giving back to the community. For the past several weeks, employees collected household items, such as baby formula, diapers, wipes, rubber gloves and cleaning products, for the Louisville Central Community Centers child development centers.  

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Headlines from Across KentuckyOne 

Flaget's Lab Passes Rigorous CAP Inspection 

Flaget's Cardiopulmonary Department Passes CAP Survey with Flying Colors 

HR Leadership Announced for KentuckyOne Health Medical Group, KentuckyOne Health Partners 

Dr. John Olsofka to Discuss Weight Loss Surgery on Body Talk Radio (Louisville) Feb. 8 

Peer Interview Training Available for Employees 

More Volunteers Needed for Habitat Home Build in Louisville Feb. 6, 7 and 8 

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Upcoming Events 

Walk With A Doc at Shawnee Park Jan. 25 

Free Seminar on Treatment of Reflux Disease (London) Jan. 27 

SJH HAZ/MAT Pharmaceutical Waste Training Jan. 29 

Health Benefit Exchange Enrollment Event at SMEH Jan. 30 

Affair of the Heart Masquerade Ball in London Feb. 1 

Health Benefit Exchange Enrollment Event at SMEH Feb. 1 

CEU Louisville: Balance in the Active Patient – Integration of Strength & Neuromuscular Training Feb. 1-2 

Peer Interview Training (Louisville) Feb. 5 

Free Peace for Parents Seminar: Tips for Encouraging Change in Adolescents and Teens Feb. 7 

Body Talk Radio Show: Dr. John Olsofka (Louisville) Discusses Weight Loss Surgery Feb. 8 

Free Peace for Parents Seminar on ADHD Feb. 13 

Peer Interview Training (Lexington) Feb. 13 

Free Peace for Parents Seminar on Encouraging Change in Adolescents and Teens Feb. 20 

CEU Louisville: Bariatric Ergonomics – Transfers & Mobility of the Obese Patient Feb. 22 

Free Cooper/Clayton Facilitator Training, Louisville, Feb. 27 

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CHI News Update  

KentuckyOne This Week will include the Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) publication e in each issue. CHI is a sponsor of KentuckyOne and will be sharing news of interest to all employees. 

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