July 17, 2018 | Volume 7, Issue 23
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Your Voice Counts

A Message from John Petrov, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer:  In his recent message to our ministry, Bruce Tassin reported that through our 2018 performance culture assessment, you told us “that you are highly engaged in your role and committed to making our organization a very special place for our patients and co-workers.” It is this very engagement and commitment that helps us to stand out as the exceptional organization we are today. It further positions us to become an even better organization tomorrow.

Also worth mentioning, this year’s PCA results highlighted a few areas where we need to improve. They are specific to attracting and retaining top talent, which ultimately impacts staffing ...

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Access Center in Lexington Opens Our Doors to More Patients

In the July edition of CHI Monthly, KentuckyOne's Access Center in Lexington is in the spotlight. Since its launch two years ago, the center has expanded physician and patient access to our facilities. Learn more and watch a video, featuring Bruce Tassin and Jeana Cavenee, about how the center's staff is saying "yes" to every referral received ...

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Pick Up Your Prescriptions while at Work

The KentuckyOne Health Community Pharmacy at Saint Joseph East will travel to Saint Joseph Hospital for employees to pick up their prescription medication every week. Pharmacy team members will be in the classroom located behind the café every Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. now through Aug. 30. The pharmacy is a new provider for CVS/Caremark pharmacy benefits and offers CHI employees the lowest in-network co-pays ...

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It's Not Too Late to Track Healthy Habits and Receive $50

Even small changes to your daily habits can have a positive effect on your overall health. That’s why our Wellness Program encourages you to track any of these five healthy habits: sleep (log 16,800 minutes), water (log 320 glasses), steps (log 400,000 steps), mindful minutes (log 400 minutes), or fruits and vegetables (log 200 servings). Plus, you may receive $50 wellness dollars when you complete a wellness tracker for any of the five before Sept. 28 ...

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Harvest of the Month: Stay Hydrated this Summer with Watermelon

With summer in full swing, our July Harvest of the Month is watermelon, a fruit that is identified with this beautiful season. In addition to watermelon's refreshing, sweet flavor, it also offers a wide variety of health benefits and nutrients. There are many creative ways to enjoy this summer snack, such as mixed into a salad with feta cheese or blended into a healthy poolside beverage ...

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A Reason to Smile, Thanks to Delta Dental!

Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation has received a $25,000 gift from Delta Dental of Kentucky to help establish the Delta Dental Oral Health Fund. This fund will support oncology patients by providing assistance with dental care and dental care packages. When treating oncology patients, dental health is considered an influencing and, in some cases, exacerbating factor in one’s overall medical health. Many drugs and types of radiation therapy affect a patient’s mouth, teeth and salivary glands ...

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More Headlines, Events & Reminders

KentuckyOne Health Offers Region’s Most Comprehensive Robotic Surgery Program

CHIPS Staff to Become Divisional Employees July 22

Back-to-School Bash for Families (London) July 27

Register for the Yes Mamm! 5K with Special Employee Discount Code; Race is Set for Oct. 13

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