July 24, 2018 | Volume 7, Issue 24
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Strategic Update from Chuck Neumann

As we begin our new fiscal year (FY2019), I know that many of you are anxious to hear some definitive information regarding the ongoing negotiations with BlueMountain Capital Management for the sale of the divesting operations. While the process is taking a bit longer than we originally planned, it continues to move forward in a positive and productive manner.

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed additional activity, discussions and visits with many leaders at multiple facilities as BlueMountain and their partners continued their analysis of the divesting operations. This process will continue until at least mid-August. Additionally, BlueMountain has continued their conversations with leadership at the University of Louisville to ensure that this important partnership remains viable into the future ...

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Phase II Cardiac Rehab Moving to Outpatient Care Center

To address new guidelines for Cardiac Rehab programs in regard to patient monitoring, effective July 31, the monitored Phase II Cardiac Rehab program will be moving from the KentuckyOne Health Healthy Lifestyle Center located in Medical Plaza II to the first floor of the Jewish Hospital Outpatient Care Center (OCC). The new location will be on the first floor, directly down the hall from Outpatient Registration ...

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World Hepatitis Day – Complimentary Hepatitis C Screenings on July 28

In recognition of World Hepatitis Day, KentuckyOne Health is teaming up with other community groups to provide complimentary Hep C screenings throughout Louisville on July 28. Did you know Kentucky has the highest incidence of Hepatitis C – a rate seven times the national average? It's time to decrease the stigma about hepatitis in our community and to let people know Hep C is easy to test, and it can be treated ...

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Register Today for the Drink Up Challenge

Please join our Drink Up Challenge and drink at least four cups of water per day, for four weeks. Water is important to wellness and is a better alternative to sodas and caffeinated drinks. Not only is water refreshing, it helps with digestion, absorption, circulation and much more. You can receive up to $50 wellness dollars for participating. Sign up now for the challenge, which runs Aug. 6–Sept. 2 ...

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