July 5, 2017 | Volume 6, Issue 25
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Are You Maximizing Your Covered Wellness Services?

KentuckyOne Health employees and dependents who use the Anthem Insurance CHI Medical Plan have all preventive services paid at 100 percent. Take advantage of these services and try our Employee Access Concierge Service to connect with a primary care provider today ...

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Your Desktop and How You Access Your Applications May Change on July 15

Cerner Users: Your desktop and how you access your applications may change on July 15. A server change that begins the evening of July 14 may cause some – or all – of your desktop icons to disappear by the morning ...

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Earn Continuing Education, Receive Latest Updates on Women and Heart Disease

“Essentials of Heart Healthy Living” is the topic of this year’s 4th Annual Louisville Symposium on Heart Disease in Women scheduled for July 15. Receive up-to-date information on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease in women ...

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Employee Achievements & Accolades

Congratulations to the following employees for their recent awards, honors and recognitions! Thanks for expanding your knowledge, honing your expertise, and providing safe, quality care and exceptional service ...

Nicki Shorr
Dana Stephens

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Continue to Use Third-party Copay and Coupon Cards for Prescription Payment

CHI Medical Plan Participants: Please disregard any notice you received indicating that, beginning July 1, third-party "manufacturer" copay and coupon cards would no longer be accepted as payment for prescriptions ...

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Strategic Update Offers Latest News
on Evolution Work

Strategic Update will be shared with you as information becomes available regarding progress on our evolution work. The new communication bulletin will offer a central location for the latest news and updates ...

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Security Tip of the Week
Change Your Password if You Think It’s Been Discovered

Immediately change your password if you think it’s been discovered. And, don’t forget to make the same change wherever you use that same password online. When cybercriminals get hold of one of your passwords, they will try it on all of your online accounts ...

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Foundation News
Golf Tournaments Raise Funds to Support Greatest Needs

Golfers in Bardstown, Lexington and Mount Sterling recently hit the greens to raise funds for the most necessary needs of their nearby KentuckyOne Health facilities ...

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New Headlines & Events

Scholarship Opportunities Available for Employees

POSTPONED – 2017 Neuro-Oncology Symposium July 8

Saint Joseph London Joint Pain Seminar July 11

CE Opportunity: Managing Patients with Substance Use Disorders in the Inpatient Setting July 12

Louisville Symposium on Heart Disease in Women July 15

Wound Care Open House at Jewish Hospital July 18

Boots & BBQ Bash for Our Lady of Peace Aug. 19

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