June 12, 2018 | Volume 7, Issue 19
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Reminder: Self-Evaluations Due June 29

If you haven’t already, take time today to complete your annual self-evaluation in Workday, which is due by June 29. (This is required for remaining operations, voluntary for divesting.) Access your self-evaluation by going to Workday and opening the Performance worklet, or by accessing your Workday inbox.

This is your opportunity to assess your own performance, highlight your successes and identify development opportunities in preparation for your performance review with your supervisor. Be sure to write down questions to take to your performance review ...

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Get to Know ClinicalKey in a
Demo Session

On July 1, ClinicalKey will replace Up-to-Date as our search engine for providers and clinicians, offering quick, thorough, evidence-based answers to clinical questions. A live, physician-led demo is a great way to learn more about using ClinicalKey. Two of these sessions are scheduled for June 12 and June 19 ...

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Saving More for Your Retirement

If one of your goals is a comfortable and active retirement, participate in a special web workshop just for CHI/KentuckyOne employees: Financial Basics 101, presented by Fidelity, our retirement planning partner. The webinar is designed to help you manage your finances so that you can allocate more for retirement or other financial goals. View the schedule of sessions (upcoming dates are June 13, 19 and 21) and register for one ...

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Dependent Re-Verification Audit Continues through June 28

Please remember the Dependent Re-Verification Audit will be ending on June 28. The audit will ensure that any dependents covered by your CHI medical, dental and vision benefits are still in dependent relationships with you. Employees have been notified by mail. You'll need to take action to make sure your dependents remain covered ...

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Harvest of the Month: A Crisp and Sweet Nutritional Powerhouse

With summer now in full swing, snap peas are at the peak of freshness, adding a crisp, sweet flavor to salads, dinners and snacks. Filled with vitamins and fiber, snap peas help keep you and your family healthy. And, if you’re watching carbohydrates, snap peas have just half the carbohydrates of regular peas. Throughout the month, cafeterias across our ministry will offer delicious dishes that include snap peas. Learn more and discover some great recipes ...

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More Headlines, Events & Reminders

Learn the Nine Elements to Longevity in New Webinar (Receive $25 Wellness Dollars)

KentuckyOne Health Encourages Safe, Healthy Summer Weight Loss

Saint Joseph Mount Sterling Foundation Hosts 17th Annual Golf Tournament June 21

Be Mindful Challenge ($50) Runs through June 24

RN Interview Day at Our Lady of Peace June 26

University of Louisville Stroke Symposium (Continuing Education Opportunity) June 29

Pink Out the Park — Lexington Legends Event Celebrates Breast Cancer Survivors, Supports Yes, Mamm! June 30

Nominate a Physician for Lexington’s Physician of the Year by July 2

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