June 20, 2013 | Volume 2, Issue 23

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KentuckyOne Purpose & Values Guide Where We’re Going

There has never been an organization quite like ours, so how do we come up with a mission statement that works for KentuckyOne Health? It took hours of conversation and thought on the part of leaders and employees across the system. The result was recently adopted by the KentuckyOne board of directors. We call it the KentuckyOne Purpose & Values, a guide for our work that is uniquely our own. 

“Our purpose and values honor the aspirations, diversity and rich heritages of our founders,” said Ruth Brinkley, CEO. “These statements represent the very best of who we are and who we want to become.”  

Learn more about Our Identity, Purpose, Future and Values and watch a short video about the meaning behind the words.  

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Business Casual Dress Code Launched for Summer  

In response to requests and input from leaders, as well as the evolution of business culture within our industry, KentuckyOne Health has launched a business casual dress code during the summer months. For departments that do not require a specific uniform (such as clinical areas), the new dress code is now in place, providing the opportunity for employees to be more comfortable. 

It is important to continue to present a professional image, and to always dress appropriately. Employees who prefer to dress more formally should feel free to do so. Casual business wear encompasses many looks but it should reflect casual clothing that is appropriate for a professional office environment. It is clothing that allows you to be comfortable at work, yet always look neat and professional. We ask that you consider each day’s activities when determining what to wear (i.e.; will you be attending an off-site meeting, etc.) 

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Three KentuckyOne Hospitals Recognized for Tissue Donation Efforts 

Saint Joseph East, Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital and University of Louisville Hospital have been awarded the “Tissue Donation Performance Award” for 2012. The recognition is from the Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates (KODA). The award is presented to a select group of hospitals that have achieved or exceeded a targeted conversion rate for tissue donation, providing life-enhancing gifts to many in need.  

Donated tissues may help renew sight through cornea transplantation, provide skin for burn victims, bone for spinal surgeries and cancer, veins for heart bypass surgery, and heart valve replacements for children and others. 

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Women's Center Team Passed Rigorous Inspection for 11th Straight Year 

Jewish Hospital Medical Center East Center for Excellence in Women’s Care on Dutchman’s Lane in Louisville recently passed a federal mammography inspection with no deficiencies – for the 11th straight year. 

It takes dedicated staff members to pass this rigorous inspection, according to Tammy McDill, who serves as the director of ambulatory diagnostic services for Jewish Medical Center East, South, Northeast and Southwest. 

“I am very proud of the people I work with in the Women’s Center,” McDill said. “It just shows the caliber of the team we have in place here.” 

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Pharmacy Technicians Awarded 'Technician of the Year' 

Leslie Lochner (left) and Robin Lillpop (right), certified pharmacy technicians and medication access coordinators at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, were honored with the Technician of the Year Award by the Kentucky Pharmacists Association June 7 in Louisville. 

The Technician of the Year Award recognizes certified pharmacy technicians for outstanding professional activities. As medication access coordinators, both Lillpop and Lochner help procure medications for patients with financial constraints.  

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More Headlines 

Saint Joseph Berea/KODA Hero Event June 20 

Go Red Night at the Lexington Legends June 21 

Flaget Sponsors Bardstown HeartChase June 22 

Walk With A Doc at Shawnee June 22 

Join KYOne Team and "Bike MS" June 22-23 

Saint Joseph Bone and Joint Center Open House June 27 

Community Health Fair in Mt. Sterling June 29 

LEARN Module for HR Policies/Procedures is Due July 1 

Walk With A Doc at Parklands of Floyds Fork July 13 

ULH Hosts Nursing Informatics Conference Aug. 2-3   

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CHI News Update 

KentuckyOne This Week will include the Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) publication e in each issue. CHI is a sponsor of KentuckyOne and will be sharing news of interest to all employees. 

June 20, 2013 

Note: ULH/JGBCC employees will not be able to access all of the links in this issue since they are not yet connected to the CHI Connect program.  

Prayers for Those Affected by Fire
The thoughts and prayers of the CHI family go out to all those affected by the Black Forest Fire burning north of Colorado Springs, CO. The fire has burned more than 14,000 acres, destroyed nearly 500 homes and taken two lives. At the height of the fire, more than 40,000 people, including some of CHI's employees, were ordered to evacuate their homes and communities. The fire is now 85 percent contained. CHI also offers prayers of thanks and appreciation to the firefighters and others working to control the blaze. 

Reminder: Submit FY2013 Expenses
Action: Submit expenses by the due dates below to ensure they are recorded in FY2013
The end of CHI's fiscal year is June 30. To ensure that all expenses are recorded in the proper period, all employees (except clinical engineering employees, who should follow their process) should handle incoming invoices as soon as they are received. Failure to do so could result in the expenses being recorded against FY2014 budgets.  

Following are Accounts Payable deadlines for various types of expenses. All deadlines are the end of the business day on the date given. 

Expense Reports due June 26: All expenses for FY13 should be completed in CHI Business Travel & Expense (Concur), approved by the appropriate manager and have supporting documentation (receipts). Ensure all corporate credit card transactions have been expensed and submitted. (Note that Human Resources Policy No. 2 states that expenses are to be submitted within 30 days after the expense is incurred or the trip is completed.) 

Non-PO Invoices due June 27: Invoices in WebNow must have all levels of approval completed in order to be recorded in the CHI Connect Accounts Payable system for FY2013. Allow time for additional approvals. 

PO Invoices due June 28: PO invoices are automatically accrued when the receipt of the purchase order line item in CHI Connect has been completed. All items physically received in the month of June should be processed by the end of the day. 

Patient Refunds due June 28: Patient refund activity for the week of June 24 will be extracted on June 29 and posted on July 2. 

Accruals (Local finance representatives will determine deadlines): Invoices with dates prior to June 30 but received after June 30 will be reviewed by the local finance team to determine if additional accruals will be made. Ensure that invoices are sent to Accounts Payable as soon as they are received so they can be considered in the accrual analysis. To have an accrual made, contact local finance personnel; in addition, contact the vendor if you receive goods and/or services during June but do not receive an invoice promptly. 

Note that CHI accounts payable will close at midnight on June 30. 

Direct questions about invoices or expense reports to the Accounts Payable Support Center, 1.866.731.3267, option 2, or

CHI Email System Upgrade Continues
For Information
As of June 10, approximately 39,500 email boxes (about 52 percent) have been moved to the new CHI Exchange 2010 email environment to improve email stability. 

The remaining email boxes on Exchange 2003 will be moved beginning June 25; this phase is expected to take eight weeks. These users will receive email notifications with instructions. Moves will take place Mon.-Thurs., 6 p.m.-4 a.m. MT. (See the next story about decreasing email box sizes, which will help this project.) 

If you have questions after you receive an email notification or after your email box is moved, call the ITS Service Desk, 866.236.0441 or 720.875.7500 (in Denver). 

Email Storage Space at Capacity: Time to Take Action
Action: De-clutter your email box
As CHI continues to upgrade its email system, large email boxes are affecting CHI’s IT infrastructure, causing email downtime and slowness along with a shortage of storage space. 

• Nearly one billion items are stored in CHI email boxes. If
   printed, they would fill 50,000 standard file boxes that, if
   stacked, would stand as tall as three Empire State
• Industry standards show that CHI is storing 75 to 80
   percent more email per person than organizations of
   comparable size.
•  Information Technology Services must continually
   purchase expensive storage space for email retention. 

Help reduce the expense associated with large email boxes by using three easy tips for how to de-clutter your email box. In July and August, watch for more information for how to manage email boxes. In September, users will be required to keep email boxes within a specific size limitation.  

For assistance, call the ITS Service Desk, 866.236.0441 or 720.875.7500 (in Denver) and ask them to assign a member of CHI’s End User Computing team to assist you. 

Remove Personal, Outdated and Multiple Versions of Files on CHI’s Network
Action: Remove personal, outdated and multiple versions of files stored on CHI's network
CHI's 170 terabytes of storage should be plenty of storage for an organization of its size, but it's currently not enough. Users who need to store patient and business files are receiving notices that share drives/home folders are full. To be good stewards of our resources, instead of purchasing additional, expensive storage, CHI Information Technology Services is requiring users to remove personal, outdated and duplicate files.  

If you save personal files on CHI’s network:
Immediately remove them. ITS discovered that in Denver and Tacoma alone, approximately 10 percent of share drives are being used for personal music file, photo and video storage. CHI’s Acceptable Use of CHI IT Assets Policy does not permit personal files to be stored on share drives. 

If you save outdated documents:
Delete those no longer needed.  

If you save multiple versions of documents:
Delete all but the final version. Look in your home drive or shared drive and hover over the document name to see when it was created and last modified. Save the one with the most recent date and delete the rest.  

In the near future, ITS will begin monitoring and deleting personal files on a routine basis. 

Updated HR Milestones Document
For Information
An updated "HR Milestones for Managers" calendar, which shows managers the annual HR milestones that require their attention and leadership, is now available on the Human Resources page of Inside CHI. The calendar shows when recurring HR milestones, such as the Performance Culture Assessment Survey and annual enrollment for benefits, begin and end to help managers track HR-related responsibilities. 

Integrated Care Delivery Update
For Information
CHI's Integrated Care Delivery (ICD) program is changing its name to “Integrated Health Program” (IHP) to eliminate confusion with the ICD-10 national program. ICD-10 is the new set of codes that will be used to report medical diagnoses and inpatient procedures as of Oct. 1, 2014. IHP is part of CHI's Next Era of Healthy Communities strategic priority. Its four major projects are Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs), Care Management, Payer Strategy and Operations, and Information Management and Data Analytics. These systemwide projects include partnerships with physician and network entities. 

Work on Integrated Health Program projects is underway in markets in Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington and the Fargo Division. Goals include establishing CINs, creating Care Centers and Patient Centered Medical Homes, and offering new health plans to patients. For more information about IHP, contact Jim Slaggert or Margot Reed.

Safety Grants on Hold for FY2014
For Information
Due to CHI’s continued expense reduction efforts and good stewardship principles, funding for the Safety Grant Program will be paused for FY2014. In FY2013, the program’s first year, it provided funding for a number of facility-specific loss prevention programs in support of SafetyFirst. The steering committee remains committed to the principles and objectives of the grant program and will review and evaluate funding for FY2015. As CHI markets build and strengthen a culture of reliability, overall safety, quality, satisfaction and financial performance will continue to improve. Facilities that received grant funding in FY2013 should continue with implementation and reporting requirements. 

People on the Move
National Staff
Blake Dickeson
to director of clinical operations for CHI's Virtual Health Services, from associate director, clinical operations for Florida Hospital, Orlando, FL, effective June 17.

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