June 26, 2018 | Volume 7, Issue 21
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Self-Evaluations Due this Friday

Remember to complete your annual self-evaluation in Workday by this Friday, June 29. (This is required for remaining operations, voluntary for divesting.) Access your self-evaluation by going to Workday and opening the Performance worklet, or by accessing your Workday inbox. This is your opportunity to assess your own performance, highlight your successes and identify development opportunities in preparation for your performance review with your supervisor ...

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New Workday Home Page Features One-stop Navigation

Beginning July 2, you’ll see a new home page in Workday. The redesigned page will provide a one-stop navigation experience so you can easily find and access your HR tasks, announcements and inbox. For example, all application icons (“worklets”) will be the same color – rather than the current rainbow of colors – which will improve readability. We use Workday to enroll in and view our benefits, complete performance evaluations and more ...

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Lessons for Living Longer:
Our June Wellness Webinar

In certain places around the world – called “longevity hotspots” – people routinely live to be 100 years old or more. What enables them to lead such healthy and long lives? That’s the focus of our June wellness webinar; learn what researchers have found and how these people approach their lives from a perspective of mind, body and spirit. This webinar takes just 20 minutes of your time, and by participating you can receive $25 in wellness dollars ...

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Lexington’s ‘Physician of the Year’ Nominations Due July 2

The Employee’s Choice Award for Physician of the Year will recognize a physician – one each from Saint Joseph Hospital and Saint Joseph East – who works to bring wellness, healing and hope to our patients and families. This physician should exhibit our core values and be a member of the active medical staff. Submit your nominations by July 2.

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ITS News: My IT Support Cart Simplifies Multiple Requests; Travel with a Laptop

If you’ve gone shopping online, you know how easy it is to fill a virtual cart with the things you need. That experience is coming to My IT Support. Learn all about it here.

ITS Security Tip: When traveling with a laptop, take extra steps to keep it secure. A laptop is a great summer travel companion, but it’s harder to keep safe from theft; unlike smartphones and tablets, they don't fit in your pocket, purse or daypack. If you’re traveling with a CHI laptop, you have an even bigger responsibility to keep it secure ...

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Foundation News: Flaget Memorial Hospital Foundation Receives Major Gift!

Kentucky Owl Bourbon recently committed $50,000 to the Flaget Memorial Hospital Foundation for Project Hope, the Foundation’s fundraising effort to expand the Cancer Center! This commitment will provide naming of the radiation vault in the Cancer Center. Thank you to Kentucky Owl for getting us closer to our goal, and please thank Kentucky Owl’s team as you meet them in the community!

More Headlines, Events & Reminders

CHI Successfully Advocates for a New ICD-10 Code for Human Trafficking

American Red Cross Blood Drive at Rudd Heart and Lung Center June 26

RN Interview Day at Our Lady of Peace June 26

University of Louisville Stroke Symposium (Continuing Education Opportunity) June 29

Pink Out the Park — Lexington Legends Event Celebrates Breast Cancer Survivors, Supports Yes, Mamm! June 30

ClinicalKey Replaces Up-to-Date Search Engine for Providers and Clinicians on July 1

Nominate a Physician for Lexington’s Physician of the Year by July 2

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