November 2, 2016 | Volume 5, Issue 43
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Annual Enrollment:
Choose KentuckyOne as Your Care Provider, Support Our Vision and Growth

Annual Enrollment is here – be sure to review your benefit elections for next year. In 2017 and beyond, make sure you consider KentuckyOne Health providers first as the place for care for you and your dependents. Choosing care from a KentuckyOne Health provider can bring you pocketbook benefits ...

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Annual Enrollment:
Take Action by Nov. 16

Annual Enrollment is the one time of year that you can evaluate and change your benefit elections for the next calendar year. It is important to make sure your benefit elections are correct and to see what’s changing ...

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Leapfrog Score Update

The Leapfrog Group just released its Fall 2016 Hospital Safety Grades, which scores and assigns "grades" to more than 2,500 hospitals across the U.S. While these Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades at some of our facilities may not reflect the culture of quality, safety and service instilled in recent years across KentuckyOne, we are confident that the commitment of nurses, physicians and employees will guide our improvement ...

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New Staffing Solution Will Improve Nursing Scheduling and Patient Care

KentuckyOne Health will be implementing Smart Square®, a new staffing and scheduling software for nursing units, emergency departments and surgical services in February 2017. The core reason for initiating this new software is to utilize a consistent and user-friendly scheduling and staffing system across KentuckyOne Health.

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Honoring Our KentuckyOne Veterans

Veterans Day pays tribute to all American veterans—living or deceased—but especially gives thanks to living veterans who served honorably during war or peacetime. During the week of Nov. 7-11, KentuckyOne Health will host several activities to honor those who have served our country. Join us in saluting their heroism ...

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Employee Achievements

Congratulations to the following employees for their recent awards, honors and recognitions!

KentuckyOne Nurse Editorial Board & Authors
Sandy Lamar, Flaget Memorial Hospital
Ashley Reed, University of Louisville Hospital
Kelly Taylor, Saint Joseph Hospital
Stephanie Turner, Saint Joseph East
Jocelyn VanOpdorp, Jewish Hospital

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SafetyFirst: Ask Clarifying Questions

Research has shown that asking a couple clarifying questions during verbal communication leads to less miscommunication due to wrong assumptions. These clarifying questions can be asked by the sender or the receiver and should be used whenever required detail is omitted, an ambiguous statement is made or there is high-risk ...

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It’s Time to ‘Fall Back’

Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday morning, Nov. 6, at 2 a.m. Set your clocks back an hour. Please note the Standard Time and Attendance database (Kronos), time clocks and TTE systems will automatically update the time correctly at 2 a.m. Employees’ shifts that span the time change will automatically be increased by one hour ...

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New Headlines & Events

Last Opportunity for Day at the Downs Tickets

Employees Invited to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Celebration at Muhammad Ali Center on Nov. 7

Evidence-Based Ways of Integrating Spirit into Clinical Practice Seminar Nov. 11

Bereavement Policy Changes Effective Jan. 1, 2017

Welcome New Providers to KentuckyOne Health

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