October 18, 2016 | Volume 5, Issue 41
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‘Fast ER’ Advertising Campaign Launches

Keep an eye out for the new Fast ER advertisements on television, radio, newspapers, outdoor and online.

KentuckyOne Health is focused on growing Emergency Room visits through reengineered processes which streamline patient flow and positively affect patient wait times. These new processes allow us to treat two patient groups – those with life-threatening conditions and those with less severe conditions – at the same time, with the same speed and attention ...

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Jewish Hospital to Provide Revolutionary Stroke Prevention Treatment

Starting Oct. 19, Jewish Hospital will begin using the WATCHMAN™ Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device to perform catheter-based procedures for patients with atrial fibrillation. The procedure is a safe alternative to long-term oral anticoagulants ...

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SafetyFirst Great Catch: Renate Scheer

At Jewish Hospital Shelbyville, the medication diltiazem was reordered for a patient to take at home – a 60mg tablet, twice per day. The pharmacist on shift, Renate Scheer, questioned if that dosage was correct, as it was not the “twice-a-day” formulation. Her diligence in researching the situation corrected an error and prevented possible harm ...

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Observe Common Courtesies

When writing an email, include a greeting and closing. Use “please” and “thank you.” Spell names correctly (is it “Cathy” or “Kathy”?) Always include your professional email signature with contact information. It's important that we're living our core values and putting our culture concepts into practice ...

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Benefit Compliance Materials: Now in One Place and Just a Click Away

A lot of us don’t know where to go when we have a question about our benefits, or where to find materials like summary plan descriptions and summaries of benefits coverage. To simplify your life, be better stewards of our financial resources, and avoid having to call the HR/Payroll Support Center for every question, benefit compliance materials are now available online, in one place.

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Email and Calendar Improvements Coming for Everyone

Your experience with many of our most-used computer applications – email, calendar, contacts – will improve in a big way as we move to Microsoft Office O365 (O365). O365 will make it easier to work and collaborate across CHI and KentuckyOne, because we’ll all be using the same cloud-based email, calendars and contact applications ...

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Password Management Improvement
Pilot Underway

At the Clinical IT Summit in April, physicians expressed their challenges accessing EMR systems due to the password expiration time period of 90 days. To improve the user experience regarding password challenges to access the EMR system, IT is implementing a tool to provide easy self-management of passwords. It will allow quick password reset or account unlock ...

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Important Reminders

Annual Enrollment is Oct. 26 – Nov. 16

Renew Your Nursing License by Oct. 27

Complete Influenza Vaccine Requirements by Oct. 31

Check Your LEARN Assignments! Upcoming Deadlines! (Inside CHI > Click on Learn & Grow)

New Headlines & Events

Nurse Expo at Medical Center Jewish East is Oct. 21

Ready for the Urban Bourbon Half-Marathon on Oct. 22?

Employees Invited to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Celebration at Muhammad Ali Center on Nov. 7

Jewish Hospital Now Offering Robotic Laser Therapy for Brain Tumors and Lesions

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