October 25, 2013 | Volume 2, Issue 41

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Annual Enrollment Begins in November

Mark your calendar — it’s almost time to enroll for KentuckyOne benefits coverage for 2014. The enrollment periods are Nov. 1-15 for the central/eastern and Louisville markets and Nov. 25-Dec. 6 for University of Louisville Hospital and James Graham Brown Cancer Center. A number of changes occur starting Jan. 1, including new medical plan options and changes to the employee savings plan.  

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Flu Education Required for Employees; Vaccination Strongly Recommended 

Watch for local announcements regarding vaccine clinic times/dates through your employee health office. KentuckyOne employees must either receive the influenza vaccine (through employee health or outside facility) or submit a declination to their local employee health office (with reason for declination) by Dec. 31. Complete the mandatory LEARN education. 

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Kentucky Nurses Must Renew Licenses by Oct. 31 

All Kentucky nurses must renew their licenses with the Kentucky Board of Nursing (KBN) by Oct. 31. Employees with a nursing license have been receiving reminder notices. Human Resources will verify the status of your licensure directly with KBN. Once verified, employees will no longer receive these reminders. Remember, nurses without a valid license must be removed from the schedule. 

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Utilize New ITS Service Desk Telephone Menu Options Starting Oct. 28 

Starting Oct. 28, the ITS Service Desk phone menu will change so all calls can be routed more quickly to the most appropriate analyst. New options for clinical and patient care applications, password resets and IT device and general non-patient care requests will also be available. For immediate or routine IT help, call 866.236.0441

ULH | JGBCC employees should continue calling 502.562.3637. Cerner Wave 1 physicians should continue calling 859.313.2222 for their support needs. 

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Purchase Discounted Coding Books through Hilton  

CHI recently selected Hilton Publishing Company as its preferred supplier of coding books. KentuckyOne Health employees should plan to use Hilton for all their periodical purchasing requirements, including books, nursing handbooks, medical journals, commercial magazines and e-content needs. From now until Jan. 31, KentuckyOne can order coding books at a 22 percent discount. 

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Employees Can Try KentuckyOne Anywhere Care for Free through Oct. 31 

Employees and their family members can use KentuckyOne Anywhere Care – for free – now through Oct. 31 (before it opens to the public). KentuckyOne Anywhere Care is a new quick and convenient way to access urgent care 24/7. Call KentuckyOne Anywhere Care at 1.888.809.6889 and you will visit with a provider within 30 minutes by phone or video chat call (via Skype). After Nov. 1., visits will cost $35. 

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New Promotions & Appointments 

Brian Christopher to vice president of administration for KentuckyOne Health Partners. Read More 

Amanda Goldman to division director of the CHI National Food Services Program for central/eastern Ky. Read More 

John Herzog to director of nutritional services for Saint Joseph Hospital and Saint Joseph East. Read More

KentuckyOne Health Partners Makes Progress; Receives National Recognition 

KentuckyOne Health Partners is a provider-based, physician-led clinically integrated network developed by KentuckyOne Health. It was recently recognized as one of Becker's Hospital Review’s "100 Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to Know." Modern Healthcare ranked KentuckyOne Health Partners 17th in the top ACOs in its third annual survey. 

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Father Bryan Lamberson Receives Professional Board Certification 

Father Bryan Lamberson, a KentuckyOne Health chaplain, has been a Catholic priest for the last thirteen years. Many priests choose to minister to congregations. For Lamberson, “the hospital is my parish.” To be a hospital chaplain is to be a health care worker as well as a spiritual caregiver, the priest said. Lamberson officially became a board-certified chaplain in July of this year.  

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Radiation Oncology Nurses Obtain Certification 

Congratulations to the radiation oncology nurses at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center for 100 percent participation and completion of the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Radiation Oncology Certificate Program. At the beginning of 2013, a goal was set for all clinicians to complete the program.  

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Participate in Pink-A-Boo Day Oct. 29 

KentuckyOne Health will celebrate “Pink-A-Boo Day” on Tuesday, Oct. 29, for Breast Cancer Awareness. Several facilities across the state will host informational tables to distribute materials and giveaways. Employees are encouraged to wear pink on this day!  

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Run in the LSC Half Marathon; Limited Free Registration Available 

Registration is now open for the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon Sunday, Nov. 10, at 8:30 a.m. The unique route includes running through Louisville’s historic Cave Hill Cemetery. Since Frazier Rehab is providing medical services during the race, five free spots are available to KentuckyOne employees. If interested, contact Denise Wooldridge

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Support the Employee Financial Assistance Fund 

Through the Perfect Gift Campaign at Saint Joseph Hospital, Saint Joseph East and Saint Joseph Jessamine, employees can contribute to important programs such as the Employee Financial Assistance Fund (EFAF). Recently, two employees lost their homes and belongings due to two separate house fires. EFAF is helping them rebuild their lives.  

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Make the Holidays Brighter for Families in Need 

For more than 21 years, Appalachian Outreach Services has coordinated the Christmas Partners Project, matching Saint Joseph employees with eastern Kentucky families who are unable to provide gifts and clothing to their children during the holidays. The deadline to sign up this year is Oct. 31. Participating facilities are Saint Joseph Hospital, Jessamine, East and Mount Sterling. 

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Saint Joseph Breast Center Races for the Cure 

Saint Joseph Breast Center was a proud sponsor of the Susan G. Komen 2013 Race for the Cure Oct. 5 in downtown Lexington. Saint Joseph Breast Center has partnered with Susan G. Komen, Lexington Affiliate for the past five years to provide education and free mammograms through our Yes, Mamm! Campaign. This year alone nearly 200 women and men have benefited from the program. 

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Saint Joseph London OB Team Gets Splashed with Color During 5K Run 

A team of Saint Joseph London OB staff members took part in the Color Corbin 5K Walk/Run on Sept. 21. They raised money for the city of Corbin, which is part of the hospital’s service area. They started out the event looking pretty plain, but they looked like color palettes by the end of the run. 

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More Headlines & Events 

Vote for Nonprofit New Roots in TedxManhattan Challenge! 

Hand Transplant Program Awarded $850,000 Fed. Funding 

Walk With a Doc at Shawnee Oct. 26 

Breast Health Education Luncheon in Bardstown Oct. 27 

Pink-A-Boo Day Oct. 29 

Frazier Rehab Institute’s 2nd Annual Casino Night Nov. 1 

Parkinson’s Medication Management Seminar Nov. 7 

Walk With a Doc at London Nov. 9 

Walk With A Doc at Parklands Nov. 9 

LSC Half Marathon Nov. 10

Peace for Parents Workshop: ADHD Nov. 14 

Peace for Parents Workshop: Difficult Behaviors Nov. 14 

Walk With a Doc at Iroquois Nov. 16 

25th Anniversary STARS Event Nov. 16 

CEU Opportunity: Executive Dysfunction Nov. 16 

Lung Cancer Screening Forum Nov. 19 

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CHI News Update  

KentuckyOne This Week will include the Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) publication e in each issue. CHI is a sponsor of KentuckyOne and will be sharing news of interest to all employees. 

Note: ULH/JGBCC employees will not be able to access all of the links in this issue until they transition to the CHI Connect program. 

CHI to Issue $1.7 Billion in Bonds to Support
Key Strategic Initiatives and Quality Programs
For Information
CHI will issue approximately $1.7 billion in taxable and tax-exempt bonds to finance key strategic initiatives that include market expansion, a systemwide IT infrastructure and improved capabilities in areas such as virtual health, insurance products and clinically integrated networks. 

CHI’s plans include significant investments in clinically integrated networks, accountable care organizations, IT, virtual care and insurance products, among other initiatives that will help the organization transform from a hospital system to a true health organization. 

As a result of the upcoming bond issue, CHI's long-term credit ratings were adjusted to A+ with a stable outlook from Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings; and A1 with a negative outlook from Moody's. While the agencies adjusted CHI’s rating, they commented favorably on CHI's prospects for a rebound in operating performance in 2014. 

Dean Swindle, executive VP and CFO, described the bond issue as a “vital investment” in the future of CHI and its key strategic objectives, and pointed out that the organization continues to have a prime credit rating. “CHI’s bold plans are by definition going to create some risk – there is always inherent risk in strategic investment,” he said. “But not doing this will create far more risk.” He also said he views the bond issue as a long-term investment for CHI. 

CAH Leaders to Meet with Congress
For Information
Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) are facing serious threats to their financial viability from proposed Medicare funding cuts and changes to CAH certification and practices. Fourteen CAH leaders will participate in a CHI Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 29 to meet with their congressional delegations and urge them to oppose any further cuts or changes to the CAH program. 

Immediate threats include FY2014 budget proposals to reduce CAH reimbursement from 101 percent of Medicare cost to 100 percent and decertify CAHs that are within 10 or 15 miles of another hospital or CAH. CAHs already face 2 percent cuts in reimbursements under the continuing sequester in 2014, unless Congress agrees to an alternative deficit reduction package. In addition, Congress may consider eliminating reimbursement for hospital bad debt as part of deficit reduction talks. CHI CAHs would lose nearly $22 million in Medicare payments over 10 years if bad debt payments were ended. 

CHI leaders will oppose these cuts and changes and will also ask Congress to act to prevent CMS from finalizing a proposed rule that would require direct physician supervision of outpatient therapies in CAHs beginning Jan. 1, 2014. 

Protect CHI Data When Employees Leave or Transfer
ACTION: Follow the procedures described below when a direct report, whether an employee or non-employee, leaves CHI or transfers to another group or department.
CHI ITS Standard ITS02-S1, “Access Provisioning, Change and Termination” outlines the responsibilities of direct supervisors and managers when employees or non-employees leave CHI or transfer from one department or group to another. Managers and supervisors are accountable for the following: 

When an employee or non-employee leaves/ends an association with CHI: 

• Ensure that core credentials such as Active Directory,
  VPN and clinical applications is removed or disabled
  within 24 hours (see instructions below).

• Collect the individual’s facility access badges and keys,
  equipment such as CHI-provided laptops,
  cell/smartphones, iPad/tablets, and IronKey or other
  removable storage devices/media. 

When a non-employee ends an association with CHI: Send a completed Access Termination Form to Identity Access Management to ensure that the individual’s access to systems, applications and facilities is disabled. 

When an employee leaves CHI: In the Manager Zone tab on HR/Payroll Connection, initiate the employee termination process and submit a completed Access Termination Form to Identity Access Management so the employee’s Active Directory, VPN (if applicable) and application access will be disabled.

When an employee or non-employee transfers within CHI: The current supervisor should submit a CHI Employee Access Request Form or a CHI Non-Employee Access Request Form to Identity Access Management, which will disable the transferring individual’s access to systems, applications and facilities required for the current job. 

The new supervisor should submit the appropriate form to Identity Access Management, which will enable the transferring individual’s access to systems, applications and facilities required for the new job. 

The forms are located on the main Access Request Information page on Inside CHI. (Note: If your location follows a local user access request process, please submit your user access request changes using that process.) 

For more information on security standards, contact Security Compliance

Annual Enrollment Can Be a Time for Scams
For Information
Annual Enrollment for employee benefits is approaching, and it can be a prime time for cybercriminals to send phishing emails in hopes of gathering private user information. Stay alert for phishing emails that seem to include benefits information but may be intended to gather user login credentials or personal information, link to infected websites, or download programs to infect CHI or personal computers. These emails may appear to come from trusted sources. 

Note that information about CHI Annual Enrollment will come from Healthy Spirit Connections, and may also be found on Inside CHI. CHI will not ask you to supply any personal information in an email format. All CHI enrollment activity is performed within Healthy Spirit Connections-HR/Payroll Connection on Inside CHI, which securely protects all information that you provide during annual enrollment. 

For more information about phishing emails and protecting your information and CHI's, visit CHI Secure

CHI Releases Sustainability Report for FY2013
For Information
CHI efforts in sustainability and environmental stewardship continue to expand, as shown in CHI's Sustainability Report for FY2013. The report features progress in leadership, energy and water, green construction, smarter purchasing, safer chemicals, less waste and healthy and sustainable food. Events across the system that promote environmental stewardship are also featured, along with awards given by CHI organizations by Practice Greenhealth. For more information on green initiatives and to read the report, visit the Environmental Stewardship pages on Inside CHI. 

Policy Prohibits Business with
Physician-Owned Entities
For Information
A new CHI stewardship policy prohibits CHI entities from negotiating, transacting or conducting business with a physician-owned entity. The policy, effective Sept. 18, comes in the wake of a special fraud alert issued by the Office of the U.S. Inspector General in March that warned of the risks of doing business with physician-owned entities in areas such as supplies, pharmaceuticals, implants, instruments and other medical devices. 

A physician-owned entity is defined as one that is owned or controlled by a physician – or an immediate family member – who is a referral source to any CHI entity, or who has a financial relationship with a CHI entity. For more information, contact your corporate responsibility officer. 

New Conflict of Interest Disclosure System
For Information
In accordance with new state and federal laws, the CHI Corporate Responsibility Program will implement a new, systemwide conflict of interest disclosure and review system. The simple, web-based system eliminates the need to complete multiple paper forms, is accessible anywhere via the Internet and will significantly reduce time spent on annual conflict of interest disclosure activities. 

The new system will require the collection of current e-mail addresses for individuals required to complete the annual disclosure process. Please support your local staff in providing this vital information. Instructions for completion of the annual disclosure process will be provided toward end of the calendar year.  

For more information, contact Terri O'Lonergan

Pharmacy to Standardize Medicine Cabinets
For Information
During the next five years, CHI's Pharmacy team and facility pharmacies will standardize on a single medication dispensing cabinet platform (Unit Based Cabinets, or UBCs). After two years of consideration by a multidisciplinary stakeholder team, CHI selected the CareFusion Pyxis® system as the standard for all facilities. The Unit Based Cabinet Standardization project will help:  

• Free up clinician time to focus on patient care
• Prevent medication errors and enhance patient safety
• Realize savings on equipment interfaces, maintenance
   and support costs
• Increase the predictability of medication availability
• Reduce inefficiencies in the medication use process
• Increase efficiency through standard integration with IT 
• Provide local, regional and enterprise inventory control to 
  assure future cost savings
• Provide operational work efficiency through a shared
  service model 

Several sites, including two KentuckyOne Health locations and Memorial-Chattanooga, are preparing to upgrade or convert to the new standardized Unit Based Cabinets. Additional implementations will begin after the three initial sites are operational. 

Learn more about this project on Inside CHI. 

New Issue of OneCare's For the Record
For Information
A new issue of For the Record, a monthly update on CHI's OneCare initiative, is available on Inside CHI.

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