Leadership Competencies

Download the complete Leadership Competency Matrix, including Behavior Indicators for each competency.

Integrity and Values: Is open and honest in all interactions. Acts with moral wholeness, soundness and truthfulness.

Inspirational Leadership: Articulates a compelling vision that promotes the goals that need to be attained and metrics for success. Builds commitment to Catholic Health Initiative’s healing ministry.

Accountability: Focuses on results and desired outcomes setting a climate of achievement. Holds others accountable for goal attainment.

Innovation: Incorporates new methods or approaches to solving problems. Cultivates alternative viewpoints.

Coaching and Developing Others: Fosters professional and personal development. Nurtures individual strengths and abilities to develop employee skill sets.

Managing Performance Outcomes: Sets clear performance expectations and associates celebration and rewards. Builds a high performance group with a focus on excellence and achievement orientation.

Change Leadership: Accurately assesses the potential barriers and resources necessary for change.  Challenges the status quo, and takes personal ownership for leading change that enhances the organization.

Collaboration and Teamwork: Builds teamwork and participation. Works together to bring out the best in everyone. Provides useful, caring feedback for growth to team.

Additional Competencies when considering areas for growth and development.

Financial Acumen: Understands and can apply financial principles to business decisions; understands income statements, balance sheets, free cash flow, profit vs. cash. Understands the impact of their decisions on CHI’s balance sheet and income statements. Can coach direct reports around financial issues.

Business Acumen: Knows how the functions of a business work and relate to each other; knows the impact of business decisions; knowledgeable in current and possible future policies, practices, trends, technology and information affecting his/her part of CHI

Functional/Technical Skills: Has the expertise, knowledge and skills required to perform in his/her role and function at a high level of accomplishment; yet is not too narrow or does not depend upon technical and functional knowledge and skills at the expense of personal, interpersonal and managerial skills;

Clinical Skills: Has met the standards expected of his/her role as a clinician in that particular function.  Stays abreast of trends and developments in his/her clinical field.

Leadership Promise:  Propensity to lead.  Brings out the best in people, authenticity

Personal Development Orientation:  Receptivity to Feedback, Learning Agility

Mastery of Complexity:  Adaptability, Conceptual thinking, Ability to navigate ambiguity

Balance of Values and Results: Matches culture with passion for results