New Employee Checklist

This user-friendly checklist allows you to ensure effective assimilation into our KentuckyOne Health organization. Leveraging these new forms in meaningful conversation with our new hires will drive effective onboarding of our new employees and advance our retention objectives. This form allows one consistent, system-wide tool that all can print from the website and leverage as needed.  The New Employee Checklist and other forms you may need include:

When you meet with your new employee to review his/her first day and first week, you can share a copy of these actions for each stage of the employee’s first three months. These documents enable an overview of critical information components for the new employee, and helps relieve any anxiety they may have in their new role for the first few months of hire. This will also prevent overlap of information as all leaders/educators interfacing with our new employees, will know at a glance, what is being shared with the new employee by the hiring manager.

Please submit a copy of your completed forms to your local Human Resources so that we may track usage as part of our efforts to meet our employee retention goals.

Please direct any questions or comments to your HR Business Partner.