Staff Competencies

Download the complete Staff Competency Matrix, including Behavior Indicators for each competency.

Accountability: Takes full responsibility for the conduct and results of own work. Holds self/ others accountable for goal attainment. Demonstrates an understanding of the link between one’s own job responsibilities and overall organizational goals, priorities and needs.

Adaptability / Flexibility: Understands and appreciates different and opposing perspectives on an issue. Adapts one’s approach as situations change and accepts changes within one’s own job or the organization at large.

Initiative: Takes appropriate independent action, addresses issues proactively, engages in problem solving, generates new ideas and solutions, seeks out new responsibilities and acts on opportunities for self-development.

Integrity & Spirituality: Is open and honest in all interactions. Acts with moral wholeness, soundness and truthfulness.

Quality: Is attentive to detail and accuracy, is committed to error prevention, monitors, owns and acts on quality work. Looks for and participates in opportunities for process improvements.

Safety: Learns and practices safety as a personal priority in your work. Addresses potential safety concerns. Willing to address unsafe behaviors in others. Commits to team safety.

Service Excellence: Builds confidence, is committed to increasing satisfaction, sets achievable expectations, assumes responsibility for solving problems, ensures commitments are met, solicits opinions and ideas and responds to patients, coworkers, physicians, and all other stakeholders. Maintains pleasant and professional image.

Teamwork: Collaborates with others to achieve common goals. Listens, works to resolve conflicts, supports and upholds team decisions. Builds constructive relationships by appreciating and respecting the diversity and contributions of others. Promotes an overall positive team atmosphere.