RSL Development Award

Radiology Specialists of Louisville, LLC (RSL) is private-practice group of board-certified, subspecialty-trained radiologists with more than forty years of service to the Louisville metropolitan area.  RSL has a special relationship with KentuckyOne Health and has worked with the organization since its inception in 1974.

Radiology Specialists of Louisville Development Award

Recognizing the value of that legacy relationship, RSL has established a mechanism, the RSL Development Award to provide educational assistance to qualified personnel. The award was established to promote outstanding patient care in the medical imaging departments of KentuckyOne Health and enhance the careers of the departmental personnel who wish to advance their knowledge in the field of medical imaging.

The award is designed to provide financial assistance in two categories of educational endeavors:

  1. Participation in continuing education, certification, management/leadership development programs
  2. Enrollment in an accredited graduate or undergraduate healthcare related program

Award Eligibility

In 2017 awards totaling $10,000 will be distributed using the following applicant selection criteria:

  • Be a team member in good standing of a medical imaging department at one of the following KentuckyOne Health facilities: Jewish Hospital; Medical Center Jewish East; Medical Center Jewish Northeast; Medical Center Jewish South; Medical Center Jewish Southwest; Jewish Hospital Shelbyville; and Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital.
  • Record of outstanding professionalism, excellence, integrity and motivation to succeed.
  • Be employed by KentuckyOne Health no less than three months and have successfully completed the probationary period.
  • Selected an educational program appropriate to develop new skills or enhance existing skills within the field of medical imaging, healthcare, and leadership/management.
Thank you for your interest in the RSL Development Award. We are no longer accepting applications. If you have applied for the scholarship, you will be notified of the status of your application in late September.