Growing a Strong KentuckyOne Brand

KentuckyOne Health

You immediately recognize strong brands. Customers seek them out: Apple, Target, FedEx.

These brands are more than their names and logos. They stand for something. They are strong brands because they promise a unique benefit and then deliver on it. They keep their promise through the design of their products and services, and through the experience people have with them.

We are trying to create that same kind of strength in our KentuckyOne Health brand. How we will do that starts with the KentuckyOne brand platformClick here to view a graphic summary of our platform (or, scroll below).

The platform presents the KentuckyOne Health brand promise, the primary benefit you can expect from our brand: “To empower Kentuckians to more easily find their way to optimal health.”

Our brand promise translates the KentuckyOne Purpose & Values into a differentiating commitment to our key stakeholders including customers, employees and physicians, potential recruits, donors, community leaders and partners. The brand platform describes how we make the promise true and what it means for how customers experience us.

The brand platform is not advertising copy; it is a strategic document that defines and guides decisions about how we seek to express the KentuckyOne brand at every point of contact people have with us.

When people experience consistent delivery on our promise over time through our actions on the job every day, they will trust us. As our brand grows in strength, it will become a powerful asset that will help influence more members of our community to choose KentuckyOne.

Watch soon for a guide to the names of KentuckyOne entities as our branding series continues. The names of primary facilities will not change, but service line names will. Beginning in January, you will begin seeing systemwide service names rather than facility- or market-specific names. For example, Saint Joseph Heart Institute and Jewish Heart Care will become KentuckyOne Health Heart and Vascular Care.