Our KentuckyOne Names

KentuckyOne Health

What’s in a name? For KentuckyOne Health, it is more than a label. We are one — and together we can do more than as three separate organizations.

We are a complex organization with proud and diverse heritages. Yet it is important that we act as one to build on our strengths. This is what’s behind our brand naming system for KentuckyOne facilities, entities and services.

Starting in January, we will be adopting naming standards and logos that are simpler and easier. This will help us live up to our brand promise: To empower Kentuckians to more easily find their way to optimal health.

The names of our primary facilities are not changing. Please help by using the full names consistently and correctly:

Continuing Care Hospital
Flaget Memorial Hospital
Frazier Rehab Institute
James Graham Brown Cancer Center
Jewish Hospital
Jewish Hospital Shelbyville
Our Lady of Peace
Saint Joseph Berea
Saint Joseph East
Saint Joseph Hospital
Saint Joseph Jessamine
Saint Joseph London
Saint Joseph Martin
Saint Joseph Mount Sterling
Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital
University of Louisville Hospital
Women's Hospital at Saint Joseph East

We are also standardizing the names of the Jewish ambulatory facilities:

Medical Center Jewish East
Medical Center Jewish Northeast
Medical Center Jewish South
Medical Center Jewish Southwest

Note that we no longer use a hyphen in any facility name and “saint” is spelled out except in Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital.

We no longer use the names Jewish Hospital & Sts. Mary HealthCare and Saint Joseph Health System. It is important to know that University Medical Center is not part of KentuckyOne.

Click here to view an easy guide to our primary names.

In January, you also will begin seeing systemwide service names rather than facility- or market-specific names. For example, Saint Joseph Heart Institute and Jewish Heart Care will become KentuckyOne Health Heart and Vascular Care.

Our primary service lines are:

Cancer Care
Heart and Vascular Care
Neurology Care
Orthopedic Care
Sports Medicine
Women's Care

Watch upcoming communications for an introduction to our masterbrand strategy and logos as our branding series continues.