Masterbrand Strategy Includes Logo, New Guidelines

KentuckyOne Health

KentuckyOne Health is still relatively new and not yet well known, according to our research. To overcome this, we are pursuing a “masterbrand” strategy that guides how we present our brand including our names and logos.

KentuckyOne Health is our primary, overarching brand. It is represented by the KentuckyOne Health “mark” which is the distinctive large K with our name beneath. This mark is used for all situations where we are representing the organization as a whole.

The KentuckyOne mark is the symbol of all of KentuckyOne Health. It stands for the highest quality, advanced care available to all Kentuckians. We’re proud to show it.

The colors and shape of design express technological advancement and innovation. The angled lines show a sense of optimism and our dynamic vision.

We have new brand guidelines for names and logos for KentuckyOne facilities. Our primary facilities — hospitals and major outpatient facilities — have distinct sub-brand logos that “lock up” their names beneath the KentuckyOne Health mark. No other KentuckyOne Health facilities have distinct logos. New signs will be phased in over several years due to cost.

You can download a one-page reference explaining the meaning of the mark with examples of how it is used here. Questions about use of the mark and facility logos may be directed to Liz Sword, brand and design manager,

Our brand strategy helps position KentuckyOne for leadership and growth. As our brand grows stronger, it will help us attract and retain patients, physicians, employees and partners. When our brand is strong, our marketing efforts are more efficient and effective.

Well managed and protected, our KentuckyOne Health brand will become one of our organization’s most valuable assets.