The New KentuckyOne Health Brand

KentuckyOne Health

KentuckyOne Health is the largest health system in Kentucky and is positioned to make a significant impact on the lives of thousands. But with all of our locations, facilities, inpatient and outpatient services, it can be a challenge to understand the KentuckyOne identity. It is time to be clear with the community about who we are and share the tremendous benefit we offer.

The KentuckyOne Health Board of Directors spent considerable time and discernment on the topic of KentuckyOne Health branding. With the engagement of physician and operational leadership and presentations by the marketing department on the critical nature of strategic branding, a clear plan for KentuckyOne Health’s brand emerged.

Two basic premises shape the foundation of the KentuckyOne health brand. First, it is important to adopt names that reflect how a service, facility, practice or other entity is part of the KentuckyOne Health system. Second, to develop consistency and community awareness we have to incorporate the KentuckyOne logo in all that we say and do.

Physician Practices

Our physician practices are uniting under the KentuckyOne Health Medical Group and are adopting new names as well. The KentuckyOne Health logo will be reflected on signage, stationery, etc., along with the new practice name (ex., KentuckyOne Health Cardiology Associates).

However for a transitory period, we will reference the former practice name as well.
For example, Premier Family Health will be referred to as: KentuckyOne Health Primary Care Associates, formerly Premier Family Health. 

Stationery and business cards with the new KentuckyOne Health brand standards are available now through current supply chain representatives. Updating permanent office signage for the entire system is a lengthy, complex process and will begin in the spring. Marketing will be providing temporary signage for each practice by the end of February.     

For more information and timelines regarding stationery, lab coats and signage, click here to see our Branding FAQ for physician practices.

Key Service Lines

You will also begin to see systemwide service names rather than facility- or market-specific names for services. For example, Saint Joseph Heart Institute and Jewish Heart Care together will be identified as KentuckyOne Health Heart and Vascular Care.

Six key service lines have been identified as “strategic service lines” for KentuckyOne. These six are adopting standard names:

  • KentuckyOne Health Cancer Care 
  • KentuckyOne Health Heart and Vascular Care
  • KentuckyOne Health Neurology Care
  • KentuckyOne Health Orthopedic Care
  • KentuckyOne Health Sports Medicine
  • KentuckyOne Health Women's Care

Primary Care

Our primary care family of services is also adopting a consistent naming and branding approach:

  • KentuckyOne Primary Care
  • KentuckyOne Anywhere Care
  • KentuckyOne Emergency Care
  • KentuckyOne Express Care
  • KentuckyOne Urgent Care

Other Services/Programs

The descriptor “care” is added to some service names that need it to be meaningful. Examples include Bone and Joint Care, Breast Care and Diabetes Care. Other services do not require a descriptor. Examples of official service names without descriptors include Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, Imaging and Minimally Invasive Surgery. 

More Information

You will find easy brand reference guides posted on For more detailed information about brand standards, logos and guidelines, please contact Liz Sword, brand and design manager, at or Matt Stull, physician marketing manager, at

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