Mobile Devices Must Meet CHI Security Requirements to Access CHI Email/Calendars

KentuckyOne Health

Exchange ActiveSync

KentuckyOne recently implemented a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy for mobile devices. While it is CHI’s objective to ensure that users be able to synchronize their CHI email/calendar to their mobile devices not all phone brands and/or operating systems work seamlessly with CHI’s security controls, such as PIN/passcode, storage encryption and remote wipe.

If you have completed the Mobile Device Use Certification Agreement* and are experiencing a problem synchronizing your CHI email/calendar with your device it may be that your device is not compatible with CHI’s Exchange environment.

Compatible Devices

  • Apple® iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod) – iOS v5.1 or greater
  • Windows® – WindowsPhone™ v8 or greater
  • Google® Android™ – Android™ v2.3.4 or greater (excepting 2.3.4 updated to v2.3.6)
  • RIM® BlackBerry™ v10 or greater

Buyer Beware

If you are anticipating a mobile device purchase please be aware that some less-expensive devices provided with no contract, or pre-paid, delivered by stores such as Walmart® and carriers such as Cricket® Telecom, Boost® Mobile and Virgin® Mobile and others may NOT be compatible with CHI’s Exchange™ policies. If you intend to synchronize your email mailbox on your device please establish prior to purchase that your device will accept all policy enforcement. If your device is not compatible you can still review your Exchange™ data (CHI email/calendar) on your mobile device by going to

*Find the CHI Mobile Device Use Certification Agreement on Inside CHI’s CHI Information Security Policies, Standards & Guidelines page, in the Supporting Documents section. The agreement includes instructions on completing and submitting the document.