LEARN: Changes to User IDs and Contractor Access

KentuckyOne Health

In an ongoing effort to improve the security and performance of LEARN, a few changes will be made to the CHI/HealthStream data interface. These updates will go live on July 1, 2014. The changes will have a relatively small impact on the employee end-user experience; however, anyone who currently accesses the system as a contractor (Conifer, Wipro, RN travelers, etc.) will experience a more substantial change.

Here is a summary of what you can expect:

LEARN User IDs Changing
Effective July 1 the current LEARN user ID configuration will change from its current form (first four letters of the employee’s first and last name and their birth month and day – e.g., STANSMIT1231) to an individual’s employee number preceded by CHI (e.g., CHI123456). Since employees are directed to log in to LEARN seamlessly via a link from the Inside CHI homepage, not all employees will realize that a change has been made. If an employee logs in to LEARN via a desktop link, HealthStream.com/hlc/learn, the LEARN login page will be updated to notify users of the change.

LEARN Blackout Period
During the user ID conversion and testing period, July 1–6, LEARN should not be used. Although the system should not be used during this timeframe, it may still be possible to access LEARN. However, an on-screen notification will direct employees to stop and log out immediately. LEARN will be live again on July 7. Employees should plan their assignment completions accordingly around this blackout.

ALT-e – Alternative Learning System for Contractors
Because of the need to change the user ID, those who do not have an employee number will move away from LEARN into an alternative learning management system already created by HealthStream called ALT-e. This means that most of CHI’s contractors will no longer log in to LEARN for CHI required education. Please note that the user ID configuration for contractors who currently have a LEARN account will not change and the user interface will be the same as always. Only the web address used to access the system and the name will change. The new address is HealthStream.com/hlc/chialt. And instead of LEARN, it is called ALT-e.

  • Non-employed/Affiliated/Independent Providers to Remain in LEARN
    Non-employed/affiliated/independent providers will remain in LEARN until they can be moved into ALT-e without interfering with any OneCare/Epic or ICD-10 education currently underway across CHI.

  • Education Histories will not Transfer
    The education histories for current non-employee users will not be transferred from LEARN to the new ALT-e site. Transcripts will be maintained in LEARN and can be provided by the enterprise administrator upon request. Non-employees who would like a copy of their transcripts should print one from their My Transcript page this month. 

Contact your KentuckyOne Health LEARN Enterprise Administrator Denise Dasaro at DeniseDasaro@KentuckyOneHealth.org.