Louisville Magazine Recognizes Top Surgeons

Every other year, Louisville Magazine surveys members of the Greater Louisville Medical Society (GLMS) to find out which physicians colleagues think are the top doctors in primary care fields and many medical specialties. Last year, Louisville Magazine published “Top Doctors” in August 2013.

This year, Louisville Magazine focused their survey on surgeons only and, rather than ask the more general question of who are the top cardiac or orthopedic surgeons, they decided to zero in on 41 specific surgical procedures.

Nearly 60 KentuckyOne Health employed or affiliated physicians made the list. See below for the names of some of these physicians (alphabetically by last name) listed with the Louisville Magazine medical category.

(Please note: some physicians are listed in multiple categories).

Physician Name -  Medical Category
Suresh Alankar, MD - General/Other Surgery (Vascular)
Chris Anggelis, MD - Cardiothoracic/Heart Surgery
Joseph Banis, MD - Cosmetic Surgery
Thomas Becherer, MD - General/Other Surgery (Brain)
Bradley Bell, MD - Urological Surgery
Henry Bohler, MD - Obstetric/Gynecological Surgery
Warren Boling, MD - General/Other Surgery (Brain)
David Caborn, MD - Joint Surgery
Michael Calobrace, MD - Breast Surgery; Cosmetic Surgery
Janet Chipman, MD - General/Other Surgery
Rita Coram, MD - Cardiothoracic/Heart Surgery
Lee Corbett, MD - Breast Surgery
Alexander Digenis, MD - Breast Surgery; Cosmetic Surgery
Amit Dwivedi, MD - General/Other Surgery (Vascular)
Steven Etoch, MD - Cardiothoracic/Heart Surgery
Sean Francis, MD - Urological Surgery
Susan Galandiuk, MD - Colon/Rectal Surgery
Brian Ganzel, MD - Cardiothoracic/Heart Surgery
M. Doughlas Gossman, MD - Cosmetic Surgery
Kenneth Hodge, MD - General/Other Surgery (ENT)
Richard Holt, MD - Spinal Surgery
Jeffrey Jorden, MD - Colon/Rectal Surgery
Farid Kehdy, MD - General/Other Surgery
Joseph Kutz, MD - General/Other Surgery (Hand)
James M. Link, MD - Obstetric/Gynecological Surgery
Jarrod Little, MD - Breast Surgery; Cosmetic Surgery
Vincent Lusco III, MD - General/Other Surgery (Gastric)
Arthur Malkani, MD - Joint Surgery
Terry McCurry Jr., MD - Breast Surgery; Cosmetic Surgery
Kelly McMasters, MD - Breast Surgery
Jamie Messer, MD - Urological Surgery
Daniel Metzinger, MD - Obstetric/Gynecological Surgery
Nana Mizuguchi, MD - Cosmetic Surgery
Bryan Murphy, MD - General/Other Surgery (ENT)
Akbar Nawab, MD - Joint surgery
Robert Noel, MD - Breast Surgery
John Olsofka, MD - General/Other Surgery (Gastric)
Lynn Parker, MD - Obstetric/Gynecological Surgery
Resad Pasic, MD - Obstetric/Gynecological Surgery
Donald Pomeroy, MD - Joint Surgery
Matthew Price, MD - Joint Surgery
Ganesh Rao, MD - Urological Surgery
Jonathan Reinstine, MD - Obstetric/Gynecological Surgery
Greg Rennirt, MD - Joint Surgery
Luis Roman Scheker, MD - General/Other Surgery (Hand)
Bruce Scott, MD - General/Other Surgery (ENT)
Stephen Self, MD - General/Other Surgery (Vascular)
Lawrence Shaper, MD - Joint Surgery
Mark Slaughter, MD - Cardiothoracic/Heart Surgery
Christopher E.W. Smith, MD - Urological Surgery
Mark Smith, MD - Joint Surgery
Trevor Soergel, MD - Urological Surgery
Edward Tillet, MD - Joint Surgery
Wayne Tuckson, MD - Colon/Rectal Surgery
Bradon Wilhemi MD - Breast Surgery 
Russell Williams, MD - Breast Surgery; Colon/Rectal Surgery; General/Other Surgery (Vascular) 
Welby Winstead, MD - General/Other Surgery (ENT)
Thomas Wolff, MD - General/Other Surgery (Hand) 

To read the full Louisville Magazine story and see the entire list of recognized surgeons, CLICK HERE.