Offers Online Retail for Accountable Care

KentuckyOne Health

In an effort to become a more accountable system in the ACA era, and recognizing that more and more health care is being delivered in a retail setting, KentuckyOne Health will launch on Sept. 15 a new retail program to help give patients access to reliable products that will help improve health outcomes.

The new e-commerce site,, will provide a secure mechanism for doctors and other health care providers to not only make recommendations about what patients need, but give access to products that providers feel are proven to be reliable and high quality, and that are in-stock.

Initially, the store will target early adopters and champions in a few areas, including rehab, healthy lifestyles and oncology.

As we launch, we’d like to invite employees to look at the site and test it out. As a thank you, employees can use the code EMP20OFF to receive 20 percent off their purchase.

We are working with KentuckyOne Health providers to ensure that the store has the needed inventory. Currently, the store features everything from pedometers and blood pressure cuffs, to reference books about cancer diagnosis, to reaching devices for patients undergoing rehab.

A feature of the system will also allow providers to email their patients a link to the product they’re recommending. From there, the patient can purchase the needed item, or use the link to purchase at a brick and mortar retail store of their choosing. Pricing on the online store will be competitive with the retail market.

The new system will be a reliable resource that ensures high quality, convenience and allows KentuckyOne Health to close the loop on patient care accountability.

The employee discount will run for six weeks, from Sept. 15 through Oct. 31. We welcome your feedback on the service, and if you have suggestions about items to be included, please email Mark Milburn at