Donate Your Old Electronics, Support Those Less Fortunate

KentuckyOne Health - Louisville Market

Have you noticed lately that if you try to donate your old computer to your local thrift store–that the staff there is not allowed to accept old computers?

Rather than clogging the landfill with old electronic devices, recycle them! KentuckyOne Health is partnering with Catholic Charities in Louisville to encourage employees, friends and family to bring them to an electronics drop-off event operated by E-Waste Systems, Inc. (EWSI).

Not only does this protect the environment, but proceeds from the sale of recycled materials benefit Catholic Charities, which provides affordable housing, refugee settlement, language services, and many other programs to help those in need.

The next recycling event is set for:

Saturday, Nov. 8
9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Ascension Parish Parking Lot
4600 Lynnbrook Dr.
Louisville, KY
What can you recycle?
Click here

Donating old electronics to this recycling event represents good environmental stewardship and reverence for the earth, two things which are very much aligned with KentuckyOne Health’s core values.

“Many of us have old televisions, CPUs, monitors, DVD players and more that are no longer useable,” said Alice Bridges, vice president of healthy communities for KentuckyOne. “This recycling event provides a great way to safely dispose of these items, while helping an organization that does so much good for the poor and vulnerable in our community.”

EWSI, which will handle the recycling, specializes in responsible recycling. For units that are beyond repair, components are harvested and processed for reuse.

For a list of which electronic items are considered acceptable to donate, and which are not, click here.