Match Your Email to KentuckyOne Brand Standards

KentuckyOne Health

The KentuckyOne email system is a business tool that should always reflect the KentuckyOne brand. Emails should be treated as professional correspondence, similar to sending a letter on KentuckyOne letterhead. Today we begin a series of articles about KentuckyOne’s email guidelines and tips for using our email system effectively.

A note about email signatures: Over time, some of us have personalized our email signatures, detracting from the consistent presentation of our brand. As on business cards, individualized taglines, quotes, verses or slogans are not appropriate. Our new email guidelines do allow you the option to add a banner with an approved branded marketing message below your signature.

What’s in your email signature? Please make changes to comply with the guidelines, including:

1. Use the official KentuckyOne email signature formatted according to the Email Signature Standard posted on

2. Do not include a handwritten signature.

3. Use a current logo in your signature. Download the current horizontal KentuckyOne Health master brand logo on

4. Do not end your signature with a tagline, slogan, quote or verse.

5. Add an approved signature banner below your signature, if you wish. Click here to review and select one of the approved banners.

For step-by-step instructions for setting up your email signature, click here and go to the end of the Email Guidelines and Tips sheet.