Professionalism Makes Emails Worth Reading

KentuckyOne Health

Follow these guidelines for effective messages

Junk or a jewel? It takes a nanosecond to decide whether to open an email. Following these tips can keep your messages from being sent to the Trash.

1. Always include a relevant subject line that is meaningful to the recipient.

2. When changing the subject, start a new message with a new subject line.

3. Include addresses in the To: field for those from whom you would like a response.

4. Protect your contacts’ email addresses when sending a mass email. Use the Bcc: field rather than the To: field.

5. Limit use of the Bcc: field consistent with our value of integrity.

6. Do not tag your message as “High Importance” unless it is truly urgent or critically important.

The KentuckyOne email system is a business tool and your emails should be treated as professional correspondence, similar to sending a letter on KentuckyOne letterhead. Watch for additional email guidelines and tips in the coming weeks or click here for more.