Recognizing Compassionate & Quality Care – Going the Extra Mile to Serve Our Community

University of Louisville Hospital

University of Louisville Hospital, along with all our emergency departments, regularly experience complex and emotional patient cases. The commitment of our nurses, physicians and all employees is to respond immediately to provide care to the individual, along with the family, loved ones and often the broader community.

Recently, University of Louisville Hospital (ULH) Emergency and ICU teams provided care to Louisville Metro Police Officer Nicholas Rodman following his fatal injury in the line of duty. A complex medical case, the care also captured the attention and emotions of the city, with a great deal of attention paid to the facility as our teams provided care and support for Officer Rodman, his family and members of the local law enforcement community.

Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad wrote to Chuck Neumann, interim president of ULH, to recognize specific individuals who provided care for Officer Rodman. Chief Conrad shared the appreciation of all his colleagues and admiration for everyone at ULH who provided excellent care not only to Officer Rodman, but to his family and the countless members of law enforcement and first responders who sought comfort during a difficult time.

Chief Conrad cited the entire Emergency Room and ICU staff, along with specific individuals who stood-out in care for Officer Rodman:

  • Dr. Jason Smith
  • Dr. Michelle Bailey
  • Nurse Kathy Robinson
  • Nurse Debbie Judd
  • Nurse Kena DeSpain
  • Receptionist Pam Satterfield
  • EVS employee Monte Carlo

KentuckyOne Health recognizes these and all individuals who provided care to Officer Rodman and demonstrated the quality of our facility and system. We also acknowledge all our nurses, physicians and employees at emergency departments, ambulatory care centers, hospitals and other facilities which provide care for victims of violence who give compassion and support to family and loved ones of the patients we serve.