Our PTO Donation Bank Helps Co-workers in Times of Need

KentuckyOne Health

Although the majority of paid time off is to be used for relaxation, employees may donate a portion of their vacation time to the organization’s PTO Donation Bank. Donated vacation hours to the bank will be used to supplement the pay of the organization’s employees who are in need.

Just one hour of vacation time can make a big difference to someone who is suffering from a serious health condition or caring for a family member with a serious health condition, and have exhausted all available leave.

To donate or request donated PTO, please visit CHI HR/Payroll Connection and type “Time Off Donation to the Bank Policy” in the dialog box next to the magnifying glass. Once the policy appears, click on the link to the Smart Form and follow the instructions. All requests for donated PTO will be reviewed by CHI HR Operations in accordance with the policy (view here).