Transition from HealthStream to Press Ganey for Patient Experience

KentuckyOne Health

Earlier this year, Press Ganey purchased HealthStream, our current patient experience vendor, and this change brings several new opportunities for CHI and its market based organizations. As we enter into fiscal year 2019, we’re looking forward to the new patient experience tools and resources that will be available to us as we transition from HealthStream to Press Ganey this summer.

Many of you have already been involved with this transition by providing feedback and input to the governance process and by submitting important inpatient and outpatient demographic data, so that we can properly establish peer groups and our new patient experience reporting templates. We thank you for your ongoing efforts to make this transition as seamless as possible.

You will see several changes with this transition:

The transition from HealthStream to Press Ganey will occur on July 22, 2018. This means that on July 22, Press Ganey will start receiving data from CHI. The data they receive will be for discharges occurring on or after July 1, 2018. This transition may cause an apparent delay between when patients are discharged and when they receive a survey. This is a temporary delay and solely due to the transition. During the month of August 2018, results will begin to appear in the Press Ganey analytic solution. There is no historical data load from HealthStream to Press Ganey, so between August and December 2018, legacy results will be available in HealthStream and the July 1 discharged going forward results will be available in the Press Ganey analytic tool. The CHI Patient Experience Analytic will provide a bridge for mode-adjusted HCAHPS patient experience data.

CHI will utilize a census-based survey approach (paper mail surveys combined with eSurveys) to sample HCAHPS inpatient service and will use eSurvey for all other services. Census-based surveys use paper mail surveys, as required by CMS; for a set number of surveys, any remaining patients who do not receive a mail survey would be eligible to receive an eSurvey. (The exact number is determined by your patient population with the goal to achieve 360 returns per rolling 12 months, i.e. 30 returns per month per facility.) For all other services, surveys will be administered solely via eSurvey. Email and mobile phone number collection will be key to maximizing sample size.

The switch to an eSurvey sampling approach for all services allows for surveying potentially all patients who have valid email addresses and/or cell phone numbers.

With the eSurvey process it will be vital that facilities work with their registration areas to capture valid email addresses and mobile phone numbers. The best practice is to collect either a good email address or enter NO EMAIL, DECLINED, REFUSED, etc. Registration staff should avoid entering dummy email addresses, such as NONE@NONE.COM. Press Ganey's system will see this as a valid email address and attempt to send a survey, thus artificially inflating your survey volume.

There have been questions associated with how survey response rates may be impacted with the transition. The national average response rates do vary for each service area but the rates are consistent whether the surveys are conducted via paper or eSurvey. It will be possible to view your specific location's response rates.

The shift to eSurvey allows you to gather feedback from a larger group of patients. The only limit to survey volume is the number of email addresses collected and the response rate.

We also want to remind you of other Press Ganey platform benefits that are coming your way, as part of our planned transition:

• A stronger, more secure online platform: The new Press Ganey system is very intuitive, interactive and user-friendly. It’s also very safe, with data being encrypted while in transit, and security protocols in place to protect patient data.

• HCAHPS leadership and early insights into national performance: With these new tools, our CHI locations will be able to see where we rank nationally in the Press Ganey database — in real-time. With access to the largest Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) database in the country, you will be able to assess where you stand with your national HCAHPS percentile rank without having to wait nine months for the official CMS numbers. Press Ganey partners with roughly 70 percent of acute care facilities to measure the HCAHPS data, as well as other meaningful metrics, such as Clinician and Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CGCAHPS) data.

• Flexible survey framework to capture every voice: Patient experience surveys are critical at CHI, and Press Ganey’s eSurvey approach will offer deeper data and meaningful insights across the patient journey. Patient experience surveys include questions that will lead to more insights, by focusing on what matters to patients and capturing the depth of detail necessary to identify and drive improvement.

• Targeted, user-friendly reporting: The new reporting and improvement resources that are included with these tools will allow for a deeper drill down into patient experience performance at all levels. These reports will also allow users to view details, patient comments and benchmarking at the unit level, where improvement happens. Press Ganey also has the largest patient experience platform in the industry, providing up-to-date comparative data for meaningful, actionable insights.

We are very excited about this transition and ask for your support as we make this important and timely transition for CHI. We know that many of you may have specific questions about our transition to Press Ganey and we encourage you to review the FAQs for more details.