Get to Know ClinicalKey, Our New Clinical Search Engine

KentuckyOne Health

On July 1, ClinicalKey replaced Up-to-Date as our clinical search engine, offering providers and clinicians quick, thorough, evidence-based answers to clinical questions.

ClinicalKey links have been added to our electronic health records (EHRs) where you formerly found the Up-to-Date link; the exception is the Allscripts ambulatory EHR, which will have the ClinicalKey link available beginning July 19.

If you're still unfamiliar with ClinicalKey, visit the ClinicalKey page on OneCare Central for help. There are tip sheets on where to find the ClinicalKey link in your EHR, demos, FAQs and much more. For more information about the transition to ClinicalKey, send an email to Alison Mason.