A New Way to Track and Expense Business Mileage

Do you have business mileage to expense? We’re starting to use the Business Travel & Expense (Concur) application instead of Standard Time & Attendance (Kronos) to submit business mileage for reimbursement. To access Concur, visit Inside CHI, Tools/Business Travel & Expense (Concur).

Beginning Jan. 27, you’ll no longer be able to use Kronos (via timecard, time clock, phone or web entry) to enter mileage.

Easily track, submit mileage in one app

You can also track your business mileage as you go – then, expense it in the same app. A tool called Drive, found in the Concur mobile app, captures your mileage in real time using GPS technology. If you drive daily on CHI business, you can set the smart sensor to automatically capture business miles. There’s also a user-initiated option that lets you start and stop mileage tracking yourself. From there, it’s easy to upload the mileage in the app for reimbursement.

To get started:

  • Download the Concur mobile app
  • Use "Drive" to track your mileage
  • Turn your mileage into an expense
  • Submit your expense report

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How will I receive payment?

Once your manager approves your expense reimbursement, you’ll receive payment separate from your paycheck in approximately two weeks. If you have direct deposit, CHI Accounts Payable will deposit your payment in your primary account, otherwise, they will mail you a check.

Resources and questions

Learn more:

·        Get started with Concur

·        Use Drive

For additional questions, contact the CHI Accounts Payable Support Center at 866.731.3267; option 2 then option 2 again or email CHIAccountsPayable@catholichealth.net.