A Message from Ron Waldridge II, MD

KentuckyOne Health Medical Group

Yesterday, University of Louisville released an RFP (request for proposal) to identify a potential partner to acquire and jointly operate the KentuckyOne Health Louisville Region operations. KentuckyOne Health was aware of the planned RFP release. At this time, KentuckyOne Health remains in confidential discussions with both UofL and BlueMountain Capital Management regarding the potential sale of our Louisville operations. We are working to reach an agreement for the divestiture by the end of the fiscal year.

As many of you know, Tom Miller, the new CEO of UofL Health spoke to our KentuckyOne Louisville Region Medical Group last week. UofL Health, which is still in the integration process, includes University of Louisville Hospital, James Graham Brown Cancer Center, and University of Louisville Physicians. Tom provided an update on UofL’s ongoing discussions with CHI/KentuckyOne Health along with its vision for the future and intent of the RFP:

- UofL’s vision includes significant investment into the facilities and operations in the Louisville region, as well as further integration of the downtown campus.

The vision for the medical staff includes the flexibility to accommodate both private, community physicians, along with those who choose to participate in research and/or become faculty physicians.

The purpose of the RFP is to identify a financial and operating partner if an agreement is reached for the acquisition of KentuckyOne Health Louisville Region facilities. This partner would enhance UofL’s ability to invest in needed improvements across the Louisville region.

As KentuckyOne Health interim CEO, Deborah Lee-Eddie stated in her message in yesterday’s This Week, the transaction negotiation process to confirm a new owner/operator for the Louisville Region facilities has lasted longer than was initially intended. This time has been necessary for CHI and KentuckyOne Health to identify an owner/operator who can secure long-term success for our employees and operations.

As negotiations continue, we remain under confidentiality agreements with all involved parties. These agreements protect the discussions from being derailed or subject to external influence before we reach a decision that is right for our community. During these discussions, UofL and/or Blue Mountain may separately engage in discussions (or even include in facility tours) potential partners for the final agreement. This does not necessarily mean that this potential partner will be the final choice.

Please continue to stay focused on providing outstanding care to your patients and their families, and dismiss any rumors or speculation. When we are able to share a significant update or milestone in the transaction process, we will do so. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns. Your continued support and loyalty is greatly appreciated at this time.

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