Pharmacy Plus Employee Delivery Service Changes Effective March 27

Pharmacy Plus is changing its employee prescription delivery service, and delivery will no longer be available to all facility locations or employee offices. Effective March 27, 2019, employees will now pick up prescriptions at one of six centralized locations; they can have their prescriptions transferred to another pharmacy convenient to where they live; or they can order 90-day prescriptions through CVS/Caremark’s mail order service.

If using Pharmacy Plus, employees will now be able to pick up prescriptions at one of six centralized locations during the times indicated below:

  • Pharmacy Plus Frazier, 220 Abraham Flexner Way, Louisville, 7am – 5pm, Monday – Friday
  • Pharmacy Plus Sts. Mary & Elizabeth, 1850 Bluegrass Avenue, Louisville, 7am – 5pm, Monday – Friday
  • Pharmacy Plus Specialty, 5111 Commerce Crossings, Suite 120, Louisville, 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday
  • Our Lady of Peace, Inpatient Pharmacy, 2020 Newburg Road, Louisville, 7:30 am – 3:30 pm, Monday – Friday
  • Jewish Hospital Shelbyville, Inpatient Pharmacy, 727 Hospital Drive, Shelbyville, 7am – 5:30 pm, Monday – Friday, 8am – 2pm, Saturday and Sunday
  • Flaget Memorial Hospital, Inpatient Pharmacy, 4305 New Shepherdsville Road, Bardstown, 7am – 7pm, Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 3pm, Saturday and Sunday

All deliveries from Pharmacy Plus to these centralized locations will occur on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Employees should contact Pharmacy Plus at 502.561.3905 to select their desired pick-up location.

If more convenient, employees with CHI/KentuckyOne Health insurance may transfer their prescriptions to a local pharmacy of their choice within the CVS/Caremark Pharmacy Network. If choosing this option, the local pharmacy will need to call Pharmacy Plus at 502.561.3905 to get the prescriptions transferred. If employees with CHI/KentuckyOne Health insurance would like to use the CVS/Caremark mail order service to receive 90-day prescriptions, they will need to call Caremark at 877.232.7925 to establish an account. Caremark will contract the prescriber for new prescriptions to ensure that the prescriptions meet all of the mail order requirements. If employees have insurance through an alternate insurance provider, they should call the customer service number on the back of their card regarding mail order options.

Prescription drug coverage for employees who participate in the CHI/KentuckyOne Health medical plan is as follows:
Employees with the Integrated Health Plan pay the copays and coinsurance even if the medical plan deductible has not been met. Employees with the Integrated HDHP/HAS Plan pay the full cost of prescription drugs until the medical plan deductible is met; the cost of prescriptions applies to the deductible.
All copays and coinsurance apply to the medical plan in-network out-of-pocket maximum.
If a brand-name prescription is filled when there is a generic equivalent available, the brand-name prescription coinsurance plus the difference between the generic and brand-name amount is paid.
Maintenance prescriptions, such as blood pressure medication, must be filled using the mail order pharmacy or a CHI pharmacy (such as Pharmacy Plus). Maintenance medications may be filled up to three times at a retail pharmacy before using a CHI pharmacy or mail order.
Specialty prescriptions must be filled using the Pharmacy Plus Specialty pharmacy.

If employees have insurance through CHI/KentuckyOne Health, the costs for prescription drugs is based on the following:

For questions regarding prescriptions currently being filled at Pharmacy Plus, please contact Pharmacy Plus at 502.561.3905. For a list of CVS/Caremark Pharmacies, visit their website or call 877.232.7925. Thank you for your understanding regarding this new process.